Monday, March 31, 2008

Highway 41 to Pembroke

March 30/2008

Highway 41 to Pembroke

Here are a few photo's I took along Highway 41 today on my way to Pembroke to see my dad. It takes me 3 hours down and 3 hours back if I don't stop on the way. It doesn't matter how often I travel this road,it is almost impossible for me not to stop along the way. There are many lakes, rivers and streams along the way, not to mention the wildlife that crosses my path.The one deer is walking on the lake and the other deer had crossed over the highway. and was standing by this house on the hill. It makes me wish I lived in the country side . I envy those who live so close to nature. You are limited in the city but like I said before nature is all around us and it is good for us to step out of our surroundings when we can and see the world around us.It makes me appreciate and not take things for granted. When I saw the deer God touched my heart and the first words out of my mouth was, "Oh My God". The feelings were so strong and so wonderful that I couldn't help but Praise God. I had a nice hot cup of tea by the fireplace when I got home and now here I am. I just wanted to say hello to those of you who drop by and wish you all a wonderful weekend with family and friends.        



It Really Is Spring! (From Archives) 2008

March 31

It Really Is Spring!

Good Morning One and All: I woke up this morning to the singing of the birds out side my window this morning but I sensed something was different. No signs of the sun, It was hidden by the clouds. I heard the sound of gentle rain falling softly to the ground. I looked out my window and to my surprise it wasn't all white. In my backyard the grass was peaking through the blanket of snow. As the snow was slowly decreasing I realized, Old Man Winter was slowly slipping away and Spring is on it's way. But wait a minute. The fact  and the Truth of the Matter is that March 20th was the first day of spring. Winter is no more. Things aren't always what they seem. Through our eyes and what we hear may not always be fact. Looks can be deceiving and what we hear untrue. Our feelings sometimes may lead us astray. The signs may not always be visible. In this case I now see the signs. The Truth of the Matter is, "It Really Is Spring". Thank God!   

Thursday, March 27, 2008


March 26/2008


IMG_0107 I woke up to the sound of birds singing outside my bedroom window this morning. Ah I thought to myself, it's spring! My little buddy Jesse immediately got up from his blanky on his part of our king size bed and greeted me with morning kisses. He then leaped to the floor and waited in anticipation for the piece of paper to take to papa to let him know mama was ready for her morning coffee. Ever since my husband, Steve and I got married in 1995, He lovingly brings me my coffee along with a morning kiss. That was his idea not mine. Believe me I'm not complaining. He is a very sweet man. When we got Jesse as a pup in 2002, it wasn't long until he moved up stairs with mama and Papa. He earned that right by being a quick learner and obeying all the rules. Yes he does have us wrapped around his little paw. You can see him in my photo album called Jesse my best dog friend. Well I got up and looked out the window and it looks more like winter than spring but I shall not complain. Yes I am looking forward to warm sunny days, signs of new life and growth, long walks, hiking , biking  and the lists goes on. Jesse is dreaming  of those long walks in the park, chasing squirrels and always putting on the brakes when he catches up to one and letting it scurry up the tree, only to have it turn around and scold him . For Jesse it is lob ball season. For me it is Baseball Season. My favourite team is the Blue Jays. A new season filled with anticipation  and Hope. Could this be the year for us Blue Jay Fans to return to the Glory Years of Victory. Well I have many more thoughts but as usual , little time. It is soon time for me to go to work. One thing I have learned is that you can't complain and be thankful at the same time, so I always strive to be thankful. Blessings to all who read this little tid bit, from Dianne 

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three Things In Life


Three things
in life that, once gone, never come back -
1. Time
2. Words
3. Opportunity
Three things in life that can destroy a person -
1. Anger
2. Pride
3. Unforgiveness
Three things in life that you should never lose-
1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty
Three things in life that are most valuable -
1. Love
2. Family & Friends
3. Kindness
things in life that are never certain -
1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams
Three things that make a person -
1. Commitment
2. Sincerity
3. Hard work
Three things that are truly constant -
Father - Son - Holy Spirit
I ask the Lord to bless you, as I pray for you today;
to guide you and protect you, as you go along your way.
God's love is always with you, God's promises are true.
And when you give God all your cares,
you know God will see you through.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Photography by Dianne © dsphotocats

March 09/2008


All photographs on this blog are taken by me with much joy and appreciation for God's Creation. It is my hope that these photo's as well as my whole life will bring Honour and Glory to my Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ. Dianne © dsphotocats

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