Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nesting Time Is Here :)#1


IMG_7335 Nesting Dove

Nesting Morning Dove



About a week ago I went for a long walk along the waterfront trail. I spotted a Red Winged Black Bird and decided to follow it into some bushes. It was then I came across something very special. I noticed this Beautiful Morning Dove sitting on her nest. I was very quiet and took a couple of pics , talked to her very softly , and left. I also said a prayer that no one would discover her and that she would remain safe.

A week later, which was yesterday afternoon , I went back to check on her and took this photo. Her mate had just left, so I know she is being taken care of and he must also be feeding her. I have never come across a nesting bird like this before. I have seen nests from a far distance but never so close as this.

I am hoping to be able to get back and check on her sometime this week after work. I am hoping to get a chance to see her chicks . I am assuming she is sitting on a few eggs and would love to see them. I will not put her in any danger and am extremely cautious so no one sees me near her nest. I wouldn’t want kids to discover her as she is only about 4 ft. off the ground. I will take a picture only if it is safe to do so. What a Blessing this has been for me to see .



IMG_6821 Little Rock Island

Swan Nesting On A Little Rock Island Just Off The Bay Shore


There has also been a pair of swans nesting out on this little rock island and you can see it from the waterfront path. I took this photo a week ago while on my walk. I was standing on the edge of the shore when I took this picture at 28mm. I had a 28-300 lens on my camera. The water is really low this spring as you can see. Where I was standing usually has water. Again I just hope and pray no one disturbs the nest and boats stay clear. The male swan keeps a close eye and patrols the area and chases all the other birds out of their territory. I wouldn’t want to tangle with him. I saw him flying just above the service of the water chasing something out of his path a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have my camera with me. It was fun and amazing to watch him fly so low. I still have that image in my memory. :)



IMG_7470 Nesting Swan

This photo was taken at 300mm. I was using a 28-300mm lens. I took this photo yesterday. I had biked down to the Bay with a back pact with my camera on my back.



IMG_7470_Nesting Swan Closeup

I cropped the above photo so you could get a better look at this Beautiful Nesting Swan. I am really hoping to get a chance to get photos of the baby swans when they are born. I just hope that people don’t chase them away with their boats as their is a boat launch not very far away.

Well that is about it for now. I am working everyday, with no morning free this week, so I am hoping to have enough gas in my tank so to speak to get down there in the evening to check on my nesting birds. I am really excited to see some baby swans and doves real soon. If and when I do , you will be the first to know.

Hope you all have a great week whatever you do or don’t do.

Thinking of you and many of you are in my prayers.

Hugs and Smiles

Dianne :)


  1. The pictures are so very beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Oh..I feel like I have walked right up on a treasure, Dianne. The sweet lady of my favorite girls and her spouse feeding wonderful and warming. I would have been totally beside myself. I love them.

    The swans..what glorious riches..and what excellent photos of everyone. Just an absolute treasure of a blog. Thank you.

  3. a beautiful walk once again

  4. I guess I can post annonymously will just have to post my name beside god bless Dianne love Carol

  5. I am so glad you brought these photos over. I just love looking at them.

  6. Thankyou Carol for visiting my new space. I Will come visit you soon. Hugs!!! Dianne :)

  7. Thank you Toodie. There is more on the way. soon. :)

  8. Thank you Beth and Carole. I just had to bring my nesting birds along to my new home. There are more on the way. :)I went biking last night down by the Bay, and seen them with their not so little ones (Cygnets). I go down to see them at least once a week. They still go back to their nesting place at least 3 times aday and settle their for the night. I am hoping they stick around and I will get a chance to see them learn how to fly. But that is a ways off.

  9. hi dianne, I so love following your wonderful stories and pictures about birds - hugs - nita

  10. You have a great eye, Dianne.


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