Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cygnets Growing Fast/Class Of 2012



IMG_5679 Growing Cygnets

This is a time of Transition for these Cygnets.





IMG_5835 Swanlings in July_2012

Taking a late afternoon break back at their nesting home





IMG_5460_ 2 Months old cygnets

The Cygnets are about 2mos. old now.





This is a time of Transition for these Swan lings.

They are not as cute as their bodies are growing quickly. But they are Beautiful in their own way.

This is a time of learning many new things from their parents to help them survive and grow into Graceful Swans just like their parents.

I have noticed that these swans are a very close family.It truly is remarkable that out of 9 cygnets, 8 have survived, where as a couple years ago, only 4 out of 8 had survived. I am thrilled to see so many. Because of their size now, I think they will all survive. The Cygnets are most vulnerable when they are small.


They are growing their feathers and in the Fall they will learn to fly. I do hope I get to witness that and get a few shots of them in flight. Depends on whether they stay close by or go out into the deep or move to the other side of the Bay. We will just have to wait and see.

It has been my pleasure to witness them and share them with you. Thank you for your visits and comments.



The Class Of 2012


Written and photographed by: Dianne © dsphotocats

Saturday, July 7, 2012

All Is Calm … Swans On The Bay




IMG_3443 Swan1

A Calm and Peaceful Day  Along The Shore Of The Bay




Mr. Cobb is on guard watching over his family. He is not showing off today. All is calm, and all is bright.

It is a Beautiful Day filled with warmth and light.

I love watching these swans and photographing them when I can, as you all know by now.

It is often very challenging to capture what I see due to the bright harsh sunlight as it shines off the water of the Bay.  But it is worth the effort. I forget about the world around me for a time, and all the cares of life. All is calm, and all is bright. It brings a peaceful moment filled with Joy.  I am in “Awe” of what I see as I witness the nature that surrounds me, and the Creator of it all.

I don’t get to travel very often and so I do appreciate the Beauty that surrounds me, even if it is common to some.

Ah! But I do get to travel  through the eyes of each one of you, and other wonderful bloggers, and photographers around the world. We all have something to share, and what is common to one, is new and exciting to another. At least that is how I see it. Thank you for all each one of you share. And now on to the next photo. I never know what I am going to write when I start my update. It truly is “Random Thoughts and Photographs”, and comes from my heart. Oh ya, I guess I better stop jip japping and get on with it. Ha!






A Very Touching Sight To See

As mother swan tends to her swanlings.






Mrs. Penn and her 9 Swanlings (Cygnets)

Just before coming on shore for a time of preening, and a time of rest.












IMG_3544 _Afternoon Nap






IMG_3136 Swan Family

Off they go on yet another adventure and to get a bite to eat. I think they were out to have some Bay Vegetable Soup. :)


That is it for now. These photos were taken on May 29th.  I may never get caught up but what’s a gal to do.

Just take it as it comes and share when I can.

  There is a time for everything and life goes on. I hope life is good to you, and full of wonder at the things you see around you.

And I pray for those around the world who due to their political environment and circumstances among other things, do not see the Beauty. There is Hope in Jesus. God help us all to love one another, and some how  make a difference in this world we live in.

To all my blogger friends and those who drop by, may you have a good day filled with Peace, Hope and Love.

Sincerely, with Love and Care

Dianne :)

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