Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cygnets Growing Fast/Class Of 2012



IMG_5679 Growing Cygnets

This is a time of Transition for these Cygnets.





IMG_5835 Swanlings in July_2012

Taking a late afternoon break back at their nesting home





IMG_5460_ 2 Months old cygnets

The Cygnets are about 2mos. old now.





This is a time of Transition for these Swan lings.

They are not as cute as their bodies are growing quickly. But they are Beautiful in their own way.

This is a time of learning many new things from their parents to help them survive and grow into Graceful Swans just like their parents.

I have noticed that these swans are a very close family.It truly is remarkable that out of 9 cygnets, 8 have survived, where as a couple years ago, only 4 out of 8 had survived. I am thrilled to see so many. Because of their size now, I think they will all survive. The Cygnets are most vulnerable when they are small.


They are growing their feathers and in the Fall they will learn to fly. I do hope I get to witness that and get a few shots of them in flight. Depends on whether they stay close by or go out into the deep or move to the other side of the Bay. We will just have to wait and see.

It has been my pleasure to witness them and share them with you. Thank you for your visits and comments.



The Class Of 2012


Written and photographed by: Dianne © dsphotocats


  1. They are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the pictures.


  2. They grow so fast.I too hope you get to witness some of those early flights and perhaps get some pictures of it.

  3. Hi Dianne,

    Magnificent graceful birds. It is great that you have got so much pleasure from them and shared it with us. Simple cost free pleasures surround us supplied by our Heavenly Father, if we but look for them.

    Hugs Nita

  4. Dianne, this is really fantastic that you are following this family of swans! I think secretly you are watching over them like an angel. : )

    I heard you folks had or are having quite the heat wave there, we too are very warm this year..

    Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  5. I can hardly believe how they've grown! It's been a real treat to watch that through your lens Dianne!

  6. I LOVE these photos...what a joy to see!

  7. Such a Joy to see 2 months old well I'm so happy for them lets hope they grow into fine young Swans Dianne. Beautiful thank you for sharing your time with these wonderful creatures.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  8. I'm so happy your making regular visits and sharing with us. :) I love seeing animals in all their stages of beautiful! These are wonderful photos! I'll have to check on Mama Mallard again soon. I so enjoyed having her and her ducklings in my flower bed. :)
    Hope all is well with you Dianne. Have a nice weekend!

  9. What magnificent birds they are in elegance and the photographer captured all of it. .Just Gorgeous beyond words.
    I hope and pray they all make it .
    Have a wonderful week .

  10. Hello Dianne, How are things with you and your family? I know it has been ages since I last visited here, but I do think of you often. Especially your mum. How is she going? How's her health? Has she improved, or at least stable? Is she still on Kidney Dialysis? I am wondering because I haven't heard from you in ages! I pray that she, and you are managing okay with day to day life. Please let me know. Hope Steve is fighting fit also! I love the photos here of the Swans and the Cygnets. Such a joy to be able to witness God's beauty around us, each and every day! Sending love your way. God bless. Love, Kerrie

  11. You captures of these growing babies are so wonderful. Reminds me of my trip camping to Davis Lake. There are Canadian geese that have families there and every visit the babies are bigger. At times the families all swim together and their are up to 30 of them. Soon yours will be testing their wings. Hugs Carrie

  12. Fantastic work -well done. Lovely shots of the swans.

  13. Precious! What a joy to have the privilege of watching them grow.

  14. Swans are always filled with such grace.. and your captures of them are breathtaking indeed.. thank you for sharing their beauty with us.. hope all is well in your neck of the woods.. God bless.. always with soft hugs Hope


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