Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Young Swans Learning To Fly



IMG_4697_1 Young Cygnet

Looking back to  June and Look at them now

This little cygnet was learning to survive,

and now it is learning to fly.





IMG_1992 Young Swan

Clear the runway; Here I come.





IMG_1993_Gaining Speed_1

Hey, I’m paddling on water. Honk…Honk!






These wings sure come in handy.






Need a little more speed.





IMG_1997_ Young Swans 5

Can you believe this. We are about to fly!






Hey! Wait for me.






Lift off….We did it!!! We are flying.





IMG_2010 Young Swans In Flight

And the crowd cheers





IMG_2016_Landing_The End

Okay, Now for the landing. Mission Accomplished.





IMG_3136 Swan Family

From Baby Cygnets to Beautiful Young Swans

Here are the swans and cygnets from May to The end of September 2012. I hope you found this Series interesting. I know I sure enjoyed following this swan family, I like to call, “The Class Of 2012. They all past accept for one little cygnet that didn’t make it. I think it is pretty amazing that 8 out of the 9 cygnets lived to become these Beautiful young swans who will one day have a family of their own.


All photos and written script by Dianne © dsphotocats


Hope to find you all well, and enjoying the Seasons of Life.

God Bless one and all.

Dianne :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flight 01 in Sequence


IMG_1970 _1

Mr. Cob starting down the runway





IMG_1971_ 2

Clear The Runway





IMG_1972_ 3

Here He Comes





IMG_1973 _4

Treading The Water





IMG_1974 _5

Gaining Speed





IMG_1975 _6

This Looks Like Hard Work





IMG_1976 _7 Paddling And Spreading Those Wings






Up Goes The Landing Gear






Down Goes The Landing Gear As He Pushes Forward






Up And Away He Goes






He Puts On The Brakes, Now For The Landing

This was a short distance flight to show the young ones how to do it.

Stay Tuned

In the next episode I will show one or two of the young ones learning to fly.

I took quite a few pictures and the lighting was a challenge. This is what I took… out of my camera other than a bit of cropping and resizing. 

Some of the young ones started to fly right after big daddy, but it all happened so fast, and I captured what I could, hand holding  my 170-500 lens which weighs roughly 4.5lbs not including the camera. I didn’t have time to set my IS on Panning.

These may not be wall hangers, but I had fun capturing these swans taking off into a short distance flight.

I was so happy and thrilled to witness this. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the 10 swans swam out to where there were a large number of geese and ducks and corralled them out of their way (Flying Path), and got ready to fly. I took some pictures and at times just watched them in “Awe”. of what I saw. This family of swans and cygnets have come along way. The cygnets have transformed into Beautiful Swans. Soon it will be time to say goodbye unless they leave on announced. I think it is called the “Call Of The Wild”. South they will head. How far I do not know.

This is the second family of swans in the last few years that I have had the pleasure of following for a season. I hope and pray I will get yet another chance to witness another family of swans next Spring and Summer. But will enjoy these while I can.

Until next time :)

Dianne © dsphotocats

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