Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flight 01 in Sequence


IMG_1970 _1

Mr. Cob starting down the runway





IMG_1971_ 2

Clear The Runway





IMG_1972_ 3

Here He Comes





IMG_1973 _4

Treading The Water





IMG_1974 _5

Gaining Speed





IMG_1975 _6

This Looks Like Hard Work





IMG_1976 _7 Paddling And Spreading Those Wings






Up Goes The Landing Gear






Down Goes The Landing Gear As He Pushes Forward






Up And Away He Goes






He Puts On The Brakes, Now For The Landing

This was a short distance flight to show the young ones how to do it.

Stay Tuned

In the next episode I will show one or two of the young ones learning to fly.

I took quite a few pictures and the lighting was a challenge. This is what I took… out of my camera other than a bit of cropping and resizing. 

Some of the young ones started to fly right after big daddy, but it all happened so fast, and I captured what I could, hand holding  my 170-500 lens which weighs roughly 4.5lbs not including the camera. I didn’t have time to set my IS on Panning.

These may not be wall hangers, but I had fun capturing these swans taking off into a short distance flight.

I was so happy and thrilled to witness this. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the 10 swans swam out to where there were a large number of geese and ducks and corralled them out of their way (Flying Path), and got ready to fly. I took some pictures and at times just watched them in “Awe”. of what I saw. This family of swans and cygnets have come along way. The cygnets have transformed into Beautiful Swans. Soon it will be time to say goodbye unless they leave on announced. I think it is called the “Call Of The Wild”. South they will head. How far I do not know.

This is the second family of swans in the last few years that I have had the pleasure of following for a season. I hope and pray I will get yet another chance to witness another family of swans next Spring and Summer. But will enjoy these while I can.

Until next time :)

Dianne © dsphotocats


  1. Stunning shots!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. How fun to see! The other day i watched sandhill cranes in the water. I didn't get stellar shots either, but the joy of watching them was enough for me too!

  3. The shots are beautiful Dianne!


  4. Flight training does make for some wonderful photos Dianne!

  5. These are fantastic pictures. Pictures like this are not necessarily for wall hanging,but rather to preserve the memories. I love them.

  6. Wow what action shots you have captured here. To see the whole sequence is amazing. I can't wait to see all the young ones trying to fly. It does take a lot of wing power to get these guys into the air. I dream of the day I have a camera that can have such a zoom on it. Oh the wildlife I could finally capture up close. But right now I really need to get another computer so the camera will have to wait a little longer. Till then just love seeing what others can do. Also love your header. The fall colors are so beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  7. What a wonderful sequence of pictures, Dianne!

  8. WOW Dianne . What extortionary captures!!! all of them. It sure is not hard to tell that a lens or a camera can do this. Its the person behind the lens. So well done. You study of them has sure made a difference in the way I view them. I cant wait to see the babies. Congratulation Dianne. I know how much these photos mean to you. Please make a book for your family. They will love it. Amazing memories. I can almost hear them too.
    Hugs my heart sister and have a lovely Sunday and Week ahead. Get some rest as well. xo

    1. Thank you Lisa, Hope you are having a Beautiful Day and staying warm and rested also. One of these days when the time is right I will think about doing a book of some kind. Not sure I have the time or energy right now. Thank you for the vote of confidence,and I am so glad you see these Beautiful Swans from a different prospective. Makes me smile.
      Hugs right back to you my heart sister. :) DS

  9. Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by and leave your nice comments. :)

  10. Dianne, thanks for your recent visit. I must say these are incredible shots, & using a 170-500mm without a tripod, very impressive steady photos! I can't even hold my 35-70mm that steady! : )

  11. I would be is awe and probably not be able to focus on picture taking if I saw what beauty you are describing and from the beauty I see in these lovely photos. :) Let me say, these most certainly are wall hanging quality! He is truly magnificent and you did him so much justice in these photos!
    Your new header is really colorful and gorgeous! Is that close to you or were you on vacation? I would love to visit the mountains this fall, but not sure if it will happen this year.
    Hope all is well with you. How are those beautiful grandchildren??

    1. Thank you Marie. My header was taken in Algonquin Provincial Park last Autumn. It is about 3 to 4hrs. away from where I live.It is so Beautiful no matter the Season.
      The munchkins are all doing well. :)

  12. Thanks for your visit , comments on my last blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

  13. Thanks Dear Friend.
    Sending You love and Hugs my Heart and Sister in the Lord.

  14. Oh and add a smile to that .:) Too fun and funny.
    Waiting for part two. !! of this.

  15. Sending Love and Hugs and Smiles right back to you my dear Heart and Sister in The Lord. Here is too fun and funny, Now I think I am waiting for part three !!! of this.

  16. Hi Dianne thank you for your visit it is always lovely to hear from you.
    Your header is so Beautiful the colours are amazing , and you say it is always lovely with each Season.
    Swans are so graceful in flight so enchanting.My sister lives close by the River Thames , and I often hear those wings whooshing by and run out to catch a glimpse, as they fly by. Look forward to seeing the babies in flight , I know the feeling it gives you Lovely.
    Finding a little inner peace Dianne thank you.

    Have a lovely Sunday

    Hugs Sheila xx


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