Sunday, March 27, 2011

There Is A Quack On The Ice



IMG_2198 Flying Gull

Should I bomb those crazy ducks, walking on thin ice?




IMG_2222 copy

What are you doing up there? Don’t you dare!




IMG_2168 FM_1

Is it really Spring?




IMG_2172 Male Mallard

I want to settle down, build a nest, and have a family.

Why do I have cold feet?

I go through this every year.

I love that little Ducky

She’s my gal!




IMG_2247_FM Walking On Thin Ice

What is going through Drake’s mind these days?

Why are we walking on this thin ice?

Doesn’t he know how much I love him, and will follow

him anywhere. Even to the other side of the Bay, if

that is what it takes. If I have my way, we will be mates

for life. I will be glad when we can finally settle down

and build that little nest we quacked about,

and have a family.





Have you ever been on thin ice while out on a date?




IMG_2168 Male Mallard Port 8x

Drake is a male Mallard Duck




IMG_2249 Female Mallard Port.

Ducky is a Female Mallard Duck



IMG_2219 Gull

I am sorry I threatened to bomb the love birds.

I don’t know what got into me.

I just want Spring to get here, so more people will come,

and bring me treats.

Dianne © dsphotocats


The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person's life.

William Wordsworth


“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

Mother Teresa quotes



These are a few photos I took on Saturday. This has been the first I have been out with my camera in some time. I had no idea where I was going when I started this post. Sometimes it is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. :)

Well it is late, and I just finished this post,and need to get some sleep, as tomorrow, Lord Willing, I will wake up, and start a new week. There is much going on in our world today. Lets all try to make a difference in some small way.

I hope you all have a good week ahead. God be with you, and keep you well and safe.

Until next time.  Love and Care to all.   Dianne :)



  1. Dear Dianne, My soul is smiling! I love the story you've written to go with your outstanding photographs! I'm so pleased you have had some time to get out and do what you love most! Thank you Dianne for your never-ending, kindness, love and compassion for me and my family. You're very special to me and to God! and your always in my heart. With love and care Kerrie. xOx

  2. Dianne, I just love all your photos so much, my favourite here is the seagull bowing down, saying sorry. Priceless!!! May we all remember how important it is to say "sorry" and to ask for forgiveness. In His Love, Kerrie

  3. Beautiful Dianne. Thanks for you support today.
    Much Love . Keep me in your prayers . Im so sore.
    Hugs xox
    My blog wont work and cant post.xoxox

  4. I love each one and can not wait until I see some spring. Love the seagull. :)

  5. Nice pics Dianne. I like birds :)

  6. Dianne,
    Very nice photos and very clever subtitles !!!
    Have a nice week !

  7. Beautiful pic's Dianne just love the ducks
    Hope you have good weekend
    take care

  8. Hi Dianne,

    Enjoyed your pictures and story, cute - Have a good week - Hugs Nita.

  9. lOVELY PHOTO'S Dianne ice wow your spring is certainly on hold there. Lets hope they can get on and have that little family soon. It's already started on my pond , I just have to catch the right moment with my camera. Do have a lovely week and I look foward to your next adventure. Hugs Sheila and Wile- xx

  10. Dianne, that's a neat little story to go along with the great pictures! Good job!
    Thanks for your recent visit. I hope it warms up over there soon!

  11. Awesome post - love the chuckles I'm getting from reading it...

  12. Great shots, as always, Dianne! I couldn't help but picture daffy Duck in a helmet, manning an anti-aircraft gun, ready to defend his fellow quackers from the marauding GU-11 UAV (US Navy speak for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.....sea gulls).

  13. Thank you for your kind words and email. I did get my blog working today. , I heard Geese today and so did my sister in law. They are coming home to the North and my heart sings and sprit sores of spring and new things to come.

  14. I really love your pictures Dianne! Birds are some of my all time favorite subjects for film...well, memory card however it's been quiet around here with unseasonably cool weather...birds have been kind of scarce. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Admiring your pictures. And I love the quote from Mother Teressa. How true. I used to be terrified to love, that didn't save me from heartaches. The more I open my heart, the more the wound heals.

  16. Your photos are wonderful Dianne, and I love the story too :)

  17. Thank you all so very much for all your kind comments, and visits. I am coming to visit each and every one of you. See you soon.
    Love and Care, Dianne :)

  18. It has been a while since we endured ice everywhere so I enjoyed this series very much. I love watching the antics of the 'ice walkers'.
    Best wishes ... FAB.

  19. Hi Dianne, I stopped in to wish you a blessed and happy week ahead. A thought just popped into my head when I saw the picture of the seagull at the top, it reminds me of the Scripture... "The eyes of the Lord are everywhere." Your photos really do praise God. All my love, Kerrie. xOx


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