Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Walk In The Park



IMG_8640 A Walk In The Park

I wasn’t the only one out for a walk on this Beautiful Day






I love when the leaves are on the trees and on the ground. A beautiful canopy above and a carpet of many colors to walk upon below. I love the sound of leaves crunching underneath my feet as I walk. Autumn is such a Beautiful time of the year.






This tree looked as if it was reaching for the sky, basking in the warmth of the sunlight shining down upon it from above.





IMG_8568 Little Girl In Tree

I found this little girl who had climbed up into the tree, her family down below, taking a few pictures as well.






I just loved this tree. It had so much character no matter how you looked at it. These branches looked like some kind of prehistoric creature. At least that is what I saw and imagined it to be, and tried to captured it with my camera.






I took many more pictures in the park that day but will end with this one. To some it may be simple, but I do love the simple things of life. I just loved how the trees seemed to be looking upward. I loved the contrast, and the little white cloud floating by just like the afternoon just seemed to float by. It was a good day, and I forgot about everything accept living in the moment as I walked, and stopped to enjoy the beauty that surrounded me. It was a week ago today that I went for a walk in the park.



Hope to find you all well.

Have a wonderful week and remember there is a God who loves you. Seek Him and He may be found. He is as near as the mention of His Name.


Love and Care

Dianne :)



  1. HI Dianne,

    What a lovely post thank you, refreshing and calming to read first thing in the morning.

    I too, adore the colours of autumn, I kept saying over the weekend to my family, oh look at all these beautiful colours, don't know that they quite captured my excitement, but then we are all different. I am pleased you enjoyed your walk and I enjoyed being there with you as you shared your footsteps through the fallen leaves.

    Hugs Nita

  2. as I posted my comment, I was given the word daming - it reminded me of our sermon yesterday (see my latest blog) when we heard about Jonah and him being dammed angry.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful way. Each scene was more beautiful than the one before. I feel refreshed.

  4. Beautiful photos Dianne, Thank you for sharing your walk with me.


  5. I agree. Autumn is beautiful. Just like your photos. I also like the bitter smell of fallen leaves. Autumn is more to ponder than spring. Many greetings to you send Peter.

  6. Many years ago we walked a park in Oklahoma that really filled me with wonder as a young man. These pictures take me back to that point in time. Trees absolutely have character! This is wonderful Dianne, thank you so much!

  7. What a beautiful park - lovely images... oh what a great day that must have been!

  8. Great images Dianne, wish I was with you on that walk. Have a great week.

  9. " the mention of His name." I like that.

  10. Beautiful autumn images in your country, for me is one of the most beautiful seasons, when the sun rises, the trees show a yellow nuances of each more beautiful and your reflexes to us in your photos.
    A greeting
    P. S. If you wish to comment or read something in my blog and I've put a translator

  11. We have had a beautiful fall this year...the colors were exceptional. A few mornings have brought us frost, but the sun has been warm during the day. With a wonderful October like we have had, I think I might be able to get through the winter ahead! Your photos caught the beauty of your area. Have a good week!

  12. Such a lovely time of year captured from your heart . Stunning and drop dear Gorgeous Dianne.
    Have a fantastic weekend coming up.
    Get out and have a blast!!!!

  13. What beautiful photos! I saw your blog in a blog list and thought I would enjoy it! I post about parks and trees...and some of the things you are interested in, too! AND my name is Diane! Hope you'll stop by and visit me! ♥

  14. Diane
    Wonderful autumn photos!!!
    Lovely colors!!!
    Many greetings

  15. Thank you, each and everyone for stopping by for a visit and leaving your comments.
    Sincerely Dianne :)

  16. Such beautiful photos Dianne! It may be simple but simply awesome! I love outdoor photography. Landscape always makes me happy..
    Have a great week.

  17. Wonderful pictures outdoor at it's most prettiest time of the year, Dianne . These pictures made me smile and that branch twisting away there high above. Hope you are having a grand week hugs Sheila and Wile e- xx

  18. I love your trees also your new header. Sorry took so long to get here. Been busy with doctors appointments out of town and now the snow is falling every night so I am out every day for about 3 hours moving snow and feeding the cows. Then come in and have all my house stuff to do. Finally finish up around 7 or 8 pm and collasped on the couch and just watch TV. Time is flying by. We have over a foot and half of snow and the leaves weren't even off all the ornimental and fruit trees. This is so not normal the snow and leaves still on the trees. I love your special branch on that one tree. Hope all is going well for you. Hugs Carrie


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