Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good News

Hi, this is just a quick update to let you all know my mom will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. She is doing much better, and will have Homecare when she gets home. Please keep her in your prayers. Mom is now on Kidney Dialysis which she will have done daily in her own home with medical assistance. She is still on antibiotics but the Drs. think she is well enough to be home with medical assistance , and that of her family. I Appreciate all your thoughts and prayers for my mom , and me and our family. The Lord has answered our prayers, and I thank Him for that.

It is my husbands birthday today and we are enjoying a quiet, relaxing day. There hasn’t been too many of them  lately.

It may be awhile before I get back to Blogging. Hope to find you all well. Love and Care, Dianne :)


  1. You all are in my prayers. Hope your hubby has a nice birthday. Take care...hugs

  2. Its been days since I have heard from you. Happy BD to Steve.
    I know your busy getting ready for your Mom .
    Take time for you and be kind your yourself.
    Take Care.
    Lisa xo

  3. Hi Dianne,

    Praise God, that is good news. Have a nice day

    Hugs Nita

  4. We'll be keeping you and yours in our prayers, Dianne. I've always felt that it's easier to heal at home whee the patient is comfortable rather than in a hospital.

  5. I'm glad your mom is better, I wish you much happiness!

  6. I'm glad things turned out well for her. And Happy Birthday to your husband too!

  7. So happy to read your update...praying for continued health and rest during this advent season!

  8. I am so glad your mom is improving. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Thank you all so very much. It means more to me than you know. ox Dianne :)

  10. Happy to read your up date Dianne that your mum is improving. Hope you and Hubby had a lovely relaxing Birthday Sunday. You are all in my thoughts. Hugs Sheila xx

  11. Praise God for answered prayer. Take all the time you need,family is so much more important that blogging.We will all be here when you get back.HUGS.

  12. Praise God... He is marvelous!!!!

  13. I'm glad to hear some good news Dianne though you will be missed for sure until you come back I rejoice in the good things to come for you all!

  14. Oh, and a very happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  15. Dear Dianne, I am thrilled to bits to read this update on your mom. May she continue to go from strength to strength, showing improvement daily. Praise God for answered prayer!

    You remain as always, in my thoughts. I'm glad to hear you and Steve are having a quiet day together celebrating Steve's birthday. Happy Birthday Steve! God's Blessings!

    Grace to you. Love and care from, Kerrie xOx

  16. Hoping the best for a peaceful happy Christmas!
    Glad to hear of the improvements. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  17. Thank you all for your kind comments, and please keep praying for my mom. She is home but still needs your prayers.

  18. Hi Sweet friend. Im thinking about you and holding you all in Prayers .
    Had to stop by . Your missed by me.
    Sending Love and Hugs to DG, FQ, the Lady with the Bird House Cafe (that will be the hit of the block ) , and to dear Dianne Pearl .
    Smiles and many big hugs
    Send my Love to your Mom.

  19. Stopping by to wish you a happy week.

    Hope all is going well.

  20. Thanks for stopping. Email me when and if you have time and let me know how you all are doing.
    Im still praying.
    I might be off tomorrow , I just dont know yet.
    I have too much to do. :) But Busy is nice too.
    Hugs xo

  21. Hi Dianne,

    I know you are going through a lot right now, my thoughts are with you.


  22. Thank you Kerrie, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you also, my friend.

  23. Dianne, I have been sadly out of touch but thank you so very very much for coming to see me and offering comfort for my loss of the furbaby. Not everyone would understand and your words were much needed and appreciated.

    Blessings and prayers for your mom and I am so sorry I was out of touch so I didn't know the crisis so I could add her to my prayers.

    Much love and many thanks.

  24. Oh Dianne I am so glad to hear your mother has improved I will continue to keep her in my prayers. Hugs Carrie


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