Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Said Goodbye To An Old Friend Of Mine Today!

January 12/2009

I Said Goodbye To An Old Friend Of Mine Today!

I said goodbye today

to an old friend of mine.

My very last film camera

has gone to a new home.

It was tired of being cooped up

Just sitting on a self...

feeling unwanted and neglected it was.

It was more than a pretty face

Just sitting on a self.

Don't get me wrong

She was well taken care of.

I treated her like gold

And she was like new.

There was a time when it was

Love at first sight !

I took her almost everywhere with me.

We were partners you see.

So wild and free

Filled with images so beautiful indeed.

We captured sunrises

We captured sunsets...

We stayed up and captured the moon

And landscapes far and wide.

Nature shots too.

We snapped our time away with family and friends...

But along came Digital Cammy

A new romance begun !

The rest of the story you can guess

But bare with me as I confess.

Today I set my old Canon Film Cammy free.

She was taken out of the box

A new battery she was given

And some film too.

I gently picked her up and gave her to her new owner.

I heard her shutter

and you could tell it was love at first sight !

Film Cammy has once again come to life.

She has a new home

And a job to do.

She once more feels useful

And ready for action.

Her new partner is happy as well.

It was love at first sight!

She left and there were no hard feelings.

As I watched her go

I had mixed feelings

I new I had done the right thing.

I was happy for her but a little sad to see her go.

It is the end of an era.

Now just memories

Of the good old days.


Poem written by Dianne dsphotocats this very day,

and yes this is a true story.

It happened today!

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