Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Little Cygnets Riding Piggyback



IMG_3349_ Riding Piggyback

8TH Day On The Water (May 26/2010)


This is a dream shot I never thought I would have the pleasure of capturing. This was one of those times when I had just got off work , went home and grabbed my camera and packed dinner that my hubby had so lovingly made for me.

It was a little past 6 o’clock in the evening. The swan family had just come back from a long afternoon on the Bay and the cygnets got a free ride home, back to the nest. They had just come back from about 3 kilometres away. This was the cygnets 8th day on the water and if you notice, sadly there are only 6 out of 8. The cygnets have many predators. Turtles is one of the main concerns as they pull the young ones under the water and they end up drowning. If you see a swan stirring up mud  and stomping its feet in the water, grunting , growling and hissing you know there is something in the water that is a threat to their young. If they can the parents will kill its prey. I saw and heard this on occasion. It is not a pretty sight. As loving and affectionate as these swans can be to their young, they can also be vicious and deadly to anything that threatens them.


IMG_3386_6 Little Cygnets on the 8th Day

Dinner Time Under The Tree Canopy (May 26/2010)

This picture was taken just to the right of where I was standing. Their nest is just across from where they were having their dinner.


I have grown to love these swans and they seem to like me. Tonight after work I went to check on them and when I finally found them, I called out to them in a low soft voice and to my surprise they came swimming up to me. I sat quietly on a rock and they came within 4 feet of me. It was as if they were saying hello and where have you been. This is the first I have seen them since last Saturday. They proudly showed me their 4 young ones. Yes, you heard me correctly. There are now only 4 cygnets left. They stayed close by for quite some time and then suddenly the cob grunted, growled and hissed at something it saw in the water. The Pen and the cygnets left immediately and the Cob followed them to safety from what ever they saw in the water.

I did have my little camera with me and took a couple of short videos that I will post at some point. But for now I will end this update with one more picture that was taken after they had come back close to the nest. They had dinner under this tree and then headed back to the nest for the night.

I noticed that now they wonder farther away, and only go back to the nest to rest a few times during the day and at night around 9 P.M. I know that one of these days I will head down and they might be gone or who knows, maybe they will stay at least till fall.


Well I hope you enjoyed this update.  I would like to dedicate this blog to all my blogger friends. You all have a special place in my heart.

God be with you all.

Hugs!!!  Dianne ( dsphotocats )


  1. I enjoyed revisiting this series, Dianne!

  2. I loved is just perfection..magical.

  3. I too enjoyed seeing these again. I dont think I will ever get tired of seeing these beauties.Excellent work Dianne.

  4. The first shot is just incredible. I have never even seen in real life. UR rite, a dream shot and what a blessing you were there and with a camera! God Bless and Big Smiles

  5. Thank you each and everyone of you. I am so glad I can share these photos. Most of what I captured with my camera from March until now has been these beautiful swans. I will add one more update on the swans , and then move on to something else for the time being. I have never had an opportunity to witness the day to day life of swans up until this spring as you know. Back in early spring I was hoping to capture a swan in flight and never thought that would happen so quickly , and before I knew it these beautiful swans built a nest in full view for all to see , as they passed by. If you have read my posts from the beginning you know the rest of the story up until now. I am really hoping to be able to witness the cygnets learning how to fly. That remaings to be seen. Either way I am extremely thankful for the opportunity of watching and capturing these beautiful swans.:)

  6. Happy Face, I am so glad to see you. Thank you for stopping by to see me and for leaving your comment.
    God Bless you also.:) Dianne

  7. Yes Excellent work, Dianne. You taken some wonderfull photos of the Swans.

  8. Hi , I love coming here and seeing the whole family . Thanks for stopping Dianne.
    Hugs and have an awesome day.
    I was trying to get to a post and you must of taken it out.

  9. Hello Dianne, I have been remiss in getting back to you when you spoke of your updates..golly, I get behinder and behinder! I love the photos of swans....I have never seen them here in AZ so it is fascinating to see their habitat! I could not imagine what it is like when they fly by! Like a small plane! I am intrigued that they take care of their little ones like we do, I am sure there is a lesson there =]. I am so sorry that you are missing your Dad Dianne...I am so glad you know he is with Jesus and you will meet him there one day. The one who is lost forever is especially heartbreaking. I love blogging, it is the only place where I can have any color pict or thought and say it! no cleaning or moving heavy stuff! It's a greay place to meet when you are journeying together sis! =].

  10. Thankyou Horst for stopping by for a visit and your comments. :)

  11. Thank you Lisa for coming by to see the family. We love it when you come to visit. Not sure what post you are thinking of. Maybe it is the one on WLS that I haven't added here yet. I will be in touch. :)

  12. Hey Nancy, it is better late than never. :) Don't feel too bad, I am way behind also. Been working long hours and such. Thankyou for stopping by for a visit.
    When a swan flys it sounds sort of like a windmill as they have a large wing span. It is really cool to see and hear, sis. :)

  13. A lovely series, following this family. The shot of the Cygnets taking a ride is a cracker.


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