Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update#6 Meet The Family on Second Day of Viewing


IMG_0526_  Second Day In View

Second Day Of Viewing On May 20th 2010

There are  8 Cygnets all together but only 5 can be seen here. They are getting restless for adventure and today will be just that. These little cygnets have a lot to learn about their surroundings and the world around them. There are many dangers that these young ones know nothing about. Chances are not all of them will survive. But for today this will be a day to remember and venture out with the guidance of their parents.




IMG_0586 First Time In The Water 

8 Little Cygnets First Day On The Water

I had a couple of hours between clients and so I headed down to the Bay on my lunch hour. I got there just in time to witness their first swim. I was thrilled as you can imagine as I watched them follow mom ( the pen), into the water for the first time. The day before was the first time mom showed off her babies in the nest. If you look closely you will see 7 cygnets in the water, and one stayed behind between the nest and the water, on the right side by mom.



IMG_0612 One Needed Coaxing 

One Little Cygnet Needed Coaxing

This reminds me of me on my first day of school. There was no way I wanted to go and I made it known as many little one do.  Here I witnessed the reluctance of one tiny swan who appeared afraid and not ready to venture out into the water, even with mom and dad their to help him/her every step of the way. Mom had to come back out of the water 3 times until finally this little one had enough courage to follow her into the water. I am sure that the other siblings and dad also encouraged him/her to join in on the new adventure. This is all part of the life of a swan.



IMG_0624 Finally in the water after 3 attempts

Finally The Little Cygnet Is In The Water

Yes, Bravo!!! I was so happy this little one finally had the courage with the help of a very patient mom to join the rest of the family for their first swim.



IMG_0634 Meet The Family

Meet The Family Of Swans

Here they are , the whole family and they are ready to go for their first swim. Mom decides to have a quick snack before they leave and dad has already checked the whole area and gave notice to all, that this is their territory, and anything that gets in their way will face the consequences, including death. These swans don’t fool around. They are very protective of their young, and need to be as their are many dangers out their. I have seen them in action and will discuss the topic a little more in another update. These swans don’t mind people as long as they are respectful and don’t cause them to think you are a threat to them or their young. They swam around showing off their young and were so proud of them. They are so loving and affectionate to their young and to each other. The adult swans make this really cute sound that sounds like a puppy. I guess you could call it “Puppy Love”.

After being in the water for about a half hour they swam back to the nest. Before the cygnets even got out of the water the pen (mom) got up out of the water and checked the nest and area to make sure their are no intruders that are a threat to the cygnets. The Cob (Dad) stayed with the young ones in the water always watching for danger, and when they see that it is safe the young ones went up by the nest and the cob followed them up unto the land by the nest. There they all cleaned their feathers, etc. The cygnets huddled together outside the nest and dried off in the sun and fell asleep as mom and dad watched over them. It was very touching to see. I was able to see and capture all this before I left to go back to work. This was a wonderful birthday present to see my family of swans after waiting so long for their arrival, I got to witness their first time on the water.

The swans have been such a Blessing to me , during this time in my life. I have so many pictures to sort  and I am so far behind in my updates. At some point I will add more pictures and updates. I have been busy working , dealing with my dads passing and my sons up and coming wedding . I have a mixed bag of emotions that I am dealing with right now but I am fine. Yes a little stressed but that to shall pass. Today is my sons birthday and at the same time we are going to a Jack and Jill for my son and his bride to be. I have so many things going through my mind and things to do. I hope you all understand why I haven’t been able to visit much at the moment but will when I can.

Well I had better go and get ready for my day. It should be a lot of fun as well as emotional. Lord help me on the day of the wedding. ha! I guess I am a typical mom. Although Ed just turned 31 today, he will always be my baby, although he is an adult and has become a wonderful man and I am so proud of him as well as all our sons.

Well there you go, just a few of my thoughts and observations. Hope you are all well and have a wonderful day.

xx’s Dianne (dsphotocats) :)


  1. I love your achives Dianne. How very beautiful .
    Again they are a plesure to see.
    Talk to you soon. Im off agian for a day or so .

  2. I am sorry I have not been around in a while and did not know you moved...I like it!!! I hope things are going well for you. The pictures are as beautiful as always...looking forward to seeing more...I have a scrapbook blog on here so I signed up to follow you....grace to you shell


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