Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nesting Update #3 on The Swans and Canada Geese


IMG_8272 An Intimate Moment

An Intimate Moment

No signs of Baby Swans yet and these photos were taken last Friday Night . This is the first time I saw her get off the nest. She got up and went to the edge to be near her mate. She then went for a short swim while he stood by the nest to watch over it.



IMG_8299 Mother Goose is Busy Doing Something

Mean while Mother Goose just got up and is checking something in the nest. She seems preoccupied  with something.



IMG_8299 A Closer Look

Could it be possible that her chicks have hatched or in the process. Maybe it is my imagination but I think I see a couple of chicks heads in the camouflage of grass , sticks and feathers. What do you think? I never noticed that until tonight when I cropped this photo.



IMG_8307 Not Backing Down

There is definitely something different as the Father Goose is not backing down and not leaving his mate or nest.



IMG_8309 Father Goose Not Backing Down

The fight is on and this Male Goose is not backing down like before. Talk about facing your giants.  The swan may be bigger but this goose has something worth fighting for. He is putting his family first with all his might. His family comes first and he will do whatever it takes to protect them.



IMG_8319 Protecting The Nest

The mother goose has left the nest to come to help her mate. The father goose stands in between her and the male swan.



IMG_8320 Wing To Wing

The are now wing to wing and I think the male goose is trying to get the swan to follow him away from his mate and their nest. Look at the difference in size.



IMG_8329 Turmoil

The female goose actually came out to help her mate and all three were in the air for a short time. I missed getting the shot of all three of them. Everything happened so fast. Here she is heading back towards the nest to stand guard.



IMG_8330 No Backing Down 

This was something to watch. I couldn’t  believe what I was witnessing. I have never seen anything like this before.



IMG_8333 Your My Hero

The end of the fight and no one appears to be hurt. That is totally remarkable. I look at this photo and I think it is as if she is saying , “You are my Hero.” Mates for life. I think we can learn a lot from nature.

We all have giants to fight from time to time. Who is your hero? Who or what do you have that is worth fighting for?


It is really late and I have to get up for work in the morning. I am sorry I haven’t been around to visit some of you and will when I can.  I have another update but it will have to wait. I have been going down to the Bay almost every evening after my workday to follow what is happening with the Nesting Swans and Geese. This is to be continued another day.

I hope you enjoy following along. I there is anyone who reads this but has not read the updates before this one, please go back so you will be able to get the whole story. Upgrade 4 coming soon.

Have a wonderful day and God Bless You all.

Dianne :)  dsphotocats

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  1. I enjoyed seeing this post again, Dianne. Beautiful shots, as always!


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