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Happy Second Birthday Courtney (08/03/2010)


IMG_6574 Guess Who

Guess Who !

Not sure what she is doing,

I think she is looking for the cat.

They are very good friends.





IMG_6565 2 Yrs. old Courtney 

A Quiet Time Before Her Party Begins

She looks so pretty in her dress.

Bare feet and all. :)




IMG_6477 Courtney2  IMG_6481 Mom and Courtney

Courtney and Her Mom. My Hasn’t She Grown. :)


IMG_6639 Courtney & Her Little Cousin

The Smurfs Are Back and She Loves Them




IMG_6668 copy 

Happy Birthday Courtney

There is a room full of people, but

she is the center of attention this day,

by all who love her dearly.




IMG_6698 Looks Yummy  IMG_6706 What is everyone looking at me for

  IMG_6721 Finger Licking Good

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :)


  IMG_6538 Jenna  Jenna, Courtney’s middle sister will be 8 yrs. old on Aug.25th.



IMG_6502 Tesa 

Tesa is Courtney’s oldest sister, and will be starting high school in Sept.She wants to take a photography course which they offer at her school. Makes me smile. :) I think she will take after her grandma, and Uncle Ed. I am hoping to take her out with me taking pictures more often in the near future.


These are my 3 Angels who I am so very proud of. :)


I have added Courtney’s  1st Birthday, and pictures from when she was born on Aug.3 2008 to this Post, down below . It is so hard to believe she is already 2 yrs. old , and so very hard to believe Tesa is going into grade 9.  Wow! Time sure has a way of flying by. Time stands still for no one. Each and every day is a gift, and so are these beautiful grandchildren of mine.

I am truly Blessed.

Hope to find you all well. Have a wonderful week.

Hugs and Smiles

Dianne :)   



Courtney Turned 1 Year Old On August 3, 2009


Courney's First Birthday Cake



1yr. old Courtney

Courtney’s 1st Cake






Courtney Michaela was born on Aug.3 2008 (Archive)


Courtney Michaela-5lbs.2 ounces born on Aug.3/2008

Weighing in at a surprising 5 lbs. 2 oz.



DSCF0489 copy


She had a safe arrival. She was put in the nursery for observation due to high levels of sugar in her blood. Please continue to pray for her that her blood sugars will go back to a normal and healthy level and that she will be a healthy bouncing baby girl. I told her I would buy her a camera for her birthday next year and we will go clicking the wonders of her world.

Thank you for your prayers and your support. I sure do appreciate it. Mom is doing well also. I give honour and praise to My Lord for answering yours and my prayers. He does have His hand on her life.

DSCF0484 copy

I brought  home my 5 yr. old granddaughter Jenna for the night.  She was thrilled to see her new baby sister.

I had no idea what my next post would be. Little did I know my new granddaughter would be born 3 weeks early and thank God she arrived safely. I am so tickled pink. :) Dianne

P.S All photos taken by me ( Grandma ) with my new little Fugifilm Finepix S1000fd camera. The video on this little camera is amazing. I am glad I got it or I would not have been able to do a video.  I will not post it though. Hope you all understand.


August 04,2008

Baby and mom doing fine

Good Morning one and all, I just got a report from my son that Courtney is doing fine and is with mom. Her blood sugars are normal and she has got a clean bill of health and mom and baby will be able to go home in the next couple of days. Truly this is an answer to your prayers and mine.  Thank God and each one of you for your prayers and support. I really appreciate it. :) Dianne



I got to hold my precious granddaughter for the first time today. My heart melted like butter. I will never be the same again. I held her until I had to give her up to all those waiting in line. It was then that I once again picked up my camera and couldn't stop clicking. This is only a few images that I took today. I have 3 very precious grandchildren. All girls.  Tesa, Jenna and now Courtney. I am very protective of them and my family but I just had to post this new photo album. :) Dianne


August 6, 2008

Dad,Mom & CourtneyDSCF0558

Dad, Mom and Courtney



Mother and Child_DSCF0571 _2

Courtney and Mom have arrived home today



Courtney Michaela_DSCF0500

Courtney was 5lbs. 2 oz. at Birth. She is 4lbs. 13oz. today. She is so tiny and she has developed some jaundice as well but the Drs. seem to think she will be fine and that it is somewhat normal for premature babies. They sure don't keep them in the hospital very long these days.  Please remember her in your prayers , that she will start to gain some weight and not loose anymore or we wont be able to find her in her bassinet. :) Grandma ( Dianne)



August 11/2008 (Archive)

DSCF0848 Courtney! wk. old


Courtney is now a week old. I stopped in to see how everyone was doing. I held my granddaughter  and this time she was awake and her beautiful blue eyes were open and she smiled and grinned at me and made all kinds of wonderful sounds. I did not get any pictures of this amazing time as I was too caught up in that special moment . She fell asleep and mom was getting her ready to go out in her stroller seen here. It is so neat as her car seat converts into a stroller.You can see how tiny she is although we think she has gained some weight and the jaundice is fading away.


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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids grow up? I am stunned when I look at our youngest now already being four years old. She'll visit Africa this year before she even turns five. I love the pictures, you sure wonderfully captured each precious moment my friend!

  2. Beautiful pictures
    Thank you for showing us your wonderful family
    Take care

  3. Happy Birthday Courtney. You have a lovely family. The pictures are wonderful.

  4. happy birthday courtney, what a lovely heartwarming blog dianne, thank you for sharing. time passes too quickly sometimes, but there are always the memories. hugs nita

  5. Happy Birthday sweet beautiful adorable Courtney! May all of your days be bright and beautiful and full of joy.

  6. Happy Birthday Courtney! Wonderful photos!

  7. Joe, It has to be so exciting to have Gabby, and your whole family travelling with you to other parts of the world and now Africa. It won't be long now.
    On behalf of Courtney, Thank you all for your comments and Birthday Wishes. :)
    xx's Dianne :)

  8. Families and birthdays. All what a joy. I so love the photo of Courtney looking for the cat. Lace with Lace. They all so grow up fast thanks for sharing in you wonderful fond memories. Hugs Carrie

  9. I came back to say again what a beautiful little girl she is. ♥

  10. Wow...she is a peach!!! I love looking back over their lives...I can't get enough of the photos I have put into my scrapbook albums...I look at them all the time and marvel at the miracle and blessing they are!!! I am kind of weepy today...not sure why but loved looking at your beautiful granddaughters!!!! grace to you Diane, Shell

  11. You have a beautiful family Dainne with so much love. HB to the little once more. Thank you for sharing her in an email and the cake.. smile.. Its nice to see your little ones here.
    You are so blessed. I dont see mine very much as they have a life going on and is very busy also. When I do see them I give all my attention to the two little boys so very close to my heart and soul.
    Hugs my friend.

  12. I almost missed this blog until I added a blog list of the ones I follow.

  13. Thanks for stopping and pass the JD ha. I laughed and laughed. Thanks again.
    L&Hs dear friend.
    Abby ha..


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