Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving



IMG_1427 Thanksgiving and Hope



A Thankful Heart

Take nothing for granted,

for whenever you do

The "Joy of enjoying"

is lessened for you -

For we rob our own lives

much more than we know

When we fail to respond

or in anyway show

Our thanks for the blessings

that daily are ours ~~~

The warmth of the sun,

the fragrance of flowers,

The beauty of twilight,

the freshness of dawn,

The coolness of dew

on a green velvet lawn,

The kind little deeds

so thoughtfully done,

The favours of friends

and the love that someone

Unselfishly gives us

in a myriad of ways,

Expecting no payment

and no words of praise -

Oh great is our loss

when we no longer find

A thankful respose

to things of this kind,

For the Joy of Enjoying

and the Fullness Of Living

Are found in the heart that is

filled with Thanksgiving.


Author: Helen Steiner Rice




  IMG_1422 Little White Church





IMG_8821 Little White Church

Thanksgiving is more than a Holiday; Thanksgiving is an Attitude.




IMG_6868Turkey IMG_8837 Pumpkin

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and fellow Canadians ,

and all who celebrate Thanksgiving around the world. I know we don’t all celebrate this holiday at the

same time. Next month our American friends celebrate their Thanksgiving.  

I personally have so much to be thankful for each and everyday. I will be honest in saying that I get

caught up in everyday life and can be guilty of taking things for granted, and not always having a

good attitude, as can we all from time to time.  So it is good to sit and reflect on our lives, and

Thanksgiving is a great reminder of how Blessed I am .

 It is a bright sunny warm Autumn day here today. I am busy cooking a turkey dinner , and eagerly

awaiting my family, whom I am very thankful for. I hope and pray you all have a wonderful day with

friends and family. Well I had better get myself in gear. I am hoping to go for a little walk and find

some leaves to walk on as I love the sound of leaves under my feet this time of year. :) In closing I

will leave this little light hearted story, along with some very good advice. A friend sent me this in a

e-mail message this morning and thought it would be nice to share here with you.

God Bless you all , and have a Blessed Day filled with Love, Peace and a Thankful Heart.

Sincerely Dianne :)



There once was a woman who  woke up one
morning, looked in the mirror,
and noticed she had  only three hairs on her head.
'Well,' she said, 'I think I'll braid my  hair today.'
So she  did and she had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up,  looked in the mirror
and saw that she had only two hairs on her  head.
'H-M-M,' she said, 'I think I'll part my hair down the middle  today.'
So she  did and she had a grand day.

The next day she woke up,  looked in the mirror and noticed
that she had only one hair on  her head.
'Well,' she said, 'today I'm going to wear my hair in  a
pony tail.'
So she  did, and she had a fun, fun day.

The next day she woke up,  looked in the mirror
noticed that there wasn't a single  hair on her
'YAY!'  she exclaimed. 'I don't have  to fix my hair

Attitude is  everything.

Be kinder than  necessary,
for everyone you  meet is fighting some kind of
Live simply,
Love  generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly,
and pray  continually.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to  pass...

It's about learning to dance  in the rain.

Author Unknown


  1. Hi Dianne, Great post, Happy Thanksgiving,
    Hugs Nita.

  2. What a wonderful blog fill with beautiful photos and some very wonderful words. But I have t say you last little store about the women losing her hair was priceless. Thanks for sharing and wishing your family Happy Thankgiving... Hugs Carrie

  3. As noted, each and every day is a day of thanksgiving.
    May God bless you and your family this day.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Wow, how time flies! I sure love your pictures! I wish you and yours a wondeful and blessed holiday Dianne!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Dianne to you and your family. Beauitful post about the hair. I loved it and laughed. Love the church and pumkin. I havent gotten back to my email just yet. My internet has been down in my whole county since last night.
    Smiles and Hugs

  6. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I was gone but back and trying to catch up.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends. The photos are lovely and so peaceful looking.

  8. Thank you all for visiting and your well wishes. I hope to be by to visit you all soon.
    Have a wonderful day.
    And Joe, It is wonderful to hear from you all the way from South Africa. Hope all is well and you all are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Peace and Blessings, Dianne :)


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