Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning From Nature


IMG_3364 Geese In Flight 

Canada Geese In Formation At Sunrise




In Autumn, geese instinctively fly in a V-shaped formation when they travel South for the winter. The flock all work together in unison. As each bird flaps its wings , it reduces the wind resistance of the  bird behind it. Thus , each goose cuts an easier path for the one following it. This allows the geese to cover a greater distance than if each bird flew on its own. Some fly as far north as the Arctic Circle in the spring time and some fly as far south as Mexico for the winter. It is said, that they can soar as high as twenty- nine thousand feet. Wow! That is amazing!

When the lead goose gets weary , it drops back in the formation and allows another goose to fly point. The geese at the back of the formation honk to encourage those in front of them to keep going. The geese stay in perfect V- shaped formation , and not one goose is left behind.

Just as God has prepared geese for their migration , He also takes care of us as we journey through life here on earth. He did not create us to go it alone. He planned for each of us to be in relationship with Him and each other. Through His Grace we find comfort and strength, and He uses other people to love and encourage us along lives journey. We as believers are His arms to give hugs to others. We are His hands and feet and I believe we can make a difference in this world. We can pray but we can also put love and compassion into action. Faith without works is dead but works alone will never get us to where God intended us to be.( James : Chapter 2, Verses 14-25 ).

God shines His Light through His Creation which includes us as we are made in His Image. We can come along side and honk, so to speak , to encourage someone who is feeling the force of turbulence in their life. And when you are feeling the harsh wind on your face and feeling weary, drop back in the formation for a while to receive encouragement from God and others you can rely on , so you can gain the strength  to keep going.

In Summary: God never intended for us to “go it alone” on our journey through life. He designed us to be carriers of His Grace to encourage one another.





IMG_7990_  Canada Goose IMG_8010 Canada Goose











Hope you are all having a good week. Blessings and Peace.

xx’s Dianne :)


  1. Beautiful pictures of the geese and very inspirational words. Thank you.

  2. hi dianne, love canadian geese, they come here too. your message is very timely and apt, thank you - sometimes we cannot give actual hugs in person, but thank god, for the cyber hugs and comfort too. bless you - love and hugs - nita

  3. That is amazing information! & wonderful photos too! Thanks for sharing...
    Michael :-)

  4. What a pleasure to see and also to read and learn.

  5. Love these, Dianne! Got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that there's enough light to catch the flocks here lifting off in the morning. Haven't had much luck the past week or so but I'm not giving up!

  6. the beautiful words you used in your post, the flight V of geese is amazing

  7. I got tickled with your comment about the "mews"


  8. Thankyou, each and everyone of you for stopping by and for your comments.
    xx's Dianne :)

    And Carole, I am glad you laughed. Laughter is a good medicine and we all could use a whole lot more.

    And Nita, I really appreciate your love and cyber hugs. We all could use a whole lot more of that too. Love and Hugs right back at you my friend. :)

  9. Perfect, perfect post for today. Just last night at Bible Study we were talking about the body of Christ, our need for fellowship and God's sheparding. Love the music too. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could find yours!

  10. I haven't printed the pix yet, Dianne, because I don't have the knowledge yet to do so! I am going to have to find someone to help me.

    Praying for you and yours. Please send me an update when you can. Bless you, dear sister.

  11. Always love your special geese you capture. We are all on journeys together and sometimes we have to let someone else lead for awhile I we may feel weak. Learning to let go and allowing the moment to happen helps free us of our burdens when we need it. Letting God lead us always lightens the burden.. Hugs Carrie


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