Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger


stylishblogger14_thumb  I want to thank Jenny D, and Chip ,RM  for their thoughtfulness in giving me this Award. Now those two, have a lot of Style, as do so many who Blog and share of themselves in so many Wonderful, and Unique Ways.

I have accepted this award, not because I think I deserve it, but because of these two wonderful blogger friends who out of the goodness of their hearts thought of me, and wanted to give  me this award. It is a gift I will treasure, but most of all I treasure their friendship. I am truly Honoured. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It seems I am always trying to catch up, and never getting there when it comes to blogging, but I do enjoy it, and following all your blogs when I can. I am sorry I don’t get around more often. Often times I have felt like I have no business blogging because of my lack of time, but I do the best I can , and appreciate each and every one of you who have all touched my heart  in some way or another through your wonderful blogs, and comments on mine.

I would like to give this Stylish Blogger Award to each and everyone of you, so please forgive me for not following the rules and picking only 15 wonderful bloggers.

Okay! It is already past my bedtime so here goes. I will share a few things about myself.

I was a nurse for 23 yrs. of my life. When I got laid off due to healthcare cuts back in 1997, I was off work for a year , and it felt soooo good! I was able to collect my unemployment insurance that I had paid into for years. That is when I bought an SLR Film Camera, and started getting interested in photography as a hobby. I am self learned by reading books , and taking alot of bad photos, and learned from some of my mistakes, and still learning.  :)

I  started my own cleaning business in 1998, and I am the business.

I was on my own for 9 yrs. with my 2 boys, after my divorce, and then met the Sweetest Man who I married in 1995. He does everything possible to make my life easier. We bring out the best in each other, and I am truly Blessed beyond measure. He was an answer to my prayers. Between the two of us, we have 4 grown boys , who are now wonderful young men. Two of them are now married. I have 3 wonderful granddaughters, and two more grandbabies on the way. Both mom’s are due this summer.

I now use a SLR Digital Camera and have for about the last 6 yrs. and still learning, and enjoying , and in “Awe” of the Beauty of God’s Creation. I also love seeing what others see and capture through their lenses. I enjoy the gifts, and talents of others such as yourselves, whether it be photography, writing, crafts, cooking ,woodworking, painting, the gift of gab, blogging and so much more. You all are Special, and Unique in your own way.  Thanks for all you share.

Well I had better get some sleep. Six o’clock comes early. I have a full day tomorrow, and won’t get home until six o’clock in the evening. Then, Thank God it is the weekend! Hope you all have a good Friday, and a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, and Smiles

Dianne :)



  1. Dianne, hi
    Congratulations for the award!! You deserve the above!
    Be glad your family and being healthy and happy!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Congratulations on this well deserved award!

  3. The award is well deserved, Dianne. Your WLS page was one of the first I found when I first got interested in Photography and blogging (has it really been only two years?). You've inspired me and awed me with your talent from day one. Thank you and God bless you!

  4. I am grinnin' all over myself :) It's always so wonderful coming over here, Dianne, but this post in particular was so nice. I loved the part about your new found love after being divorced for 9 years. That is SO great and I am so happy for you. He's got a great gal in you.
    Much love from me to you always,

  5. Glad, so glad you got this award, unlike you I have no question that you deserve it!

  6. Well done and well deserved Dianne. So happy to see you have this also. Congratulation. !!!!!
    Prayer are still going out to you all.
    Much Love and Have a wonderful weekend.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs too xoxo

  7. My Gosh! Where do I start? I just sat down at my computer, and looked at my watch, and it is almost midnight Sheesh, where does the time go?
    I just finished reading your comments, and you moved me to happy tears with all your wonderful, and kind comments.
    Chip, thank you so very much, and I appreciate your comment more than you will ever know.:)You have made my day!
    Magda, Beth, Chip, Jenny, Joe, and Lisa, Thankyou so very much. I am lost for words.
    Love you guys, and gals. :) Hugs and Smiles
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I am coming by to visit you all this weekend,and maybe tonight. See ya soon!!!

  8. Lisa, Thank you for your unending friendship, and thank you for your prayers for my mom, and us too. It is so comforting to know someone is praying. Much Love, and Hugs from the east to the west.
    Dianne :)

  9. Congratulations Dianne well deserved award, I have enjoyed your little insight lovely. Your photography I have always enjoyed keep up the good work , so very much.
    Have a lovely weekend Hugs Sheila:)

  10. Congratulations on getting this well deserved award Dianne, thought I had already commented it must have got lost in cyberland. It was good to read a bit more about you too. God Bless - Hugs Nita.


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