Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bath Time




IMG_3900 Little Black Bird

One Little Black Bird





IMG_3901 Little Black Bird 2

Taking A Bath





IMG_3902 Little Black Bird 3

In My Back Yard





IMG_3903 Little Black Bird 4

Isn’t He/She Cute





IMG_3912 Little Black Bird 5

Splishing and Splashing





IMG_3906 Little Black Bird 6

Having A Blast





IMG_3908 Little Black Bird 7

Now Standing Tall





IMG_3913 Little Bladk Bird 8

Tail Feathers and Wing Feathers All In Motion





IMG_3914 Little Black Bird 9

Now Refreshed And Ready To Fly Away

Little Black Bird Please Come Back

Another Day.

Dianne © dsphotocats


May your weekend be refreshing, and I hope you all have some fun.

xoxo Dianne :)


Note that if you click on the picture you will see the bigger picture. :)



  1. Klasse Bilder von dem kleinen Badegast.


  2. So cool.....I love to watch birds...they are such amazing little friends.

  3. Beautiful shots! I too am a birdwatcher.


  4. Chuckling at the cuteness... love the spashes....precious!

  5. The first thought to enter what's left of my mind when I saw the title was "Well, it IS Saturday!"

    I know, I know.......go stand in the corner.....I really liked the series, though!

  6. Great series Dianne, have a great Sunday.

  7. Dianne just beautiful. This little one had to be amazing to watch . I would love to see more of your back yard as it look so beautiful.
    Your bird bath must be full all the time
    Fantastic series of photos. I love the flowers in the back also.
    Happy Sunday to you .

  8. I love the shots were he /she is full of water. Too cute. !!!!

  9. What a wonderful site and capture also. That's what I need at my place, a bird bath. I have one at our place down south. I guess because we have the creek down below I just never think about the bird bath here at the house. Thanks for sharing this special moment. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  10. Delightful captures Dianne! There is something altogether wonderful about birds when they are indulging in a bird bath! We don't have a bird bath at this house unlike our previous house...I wish we did.

  11. Oh this is just great there's something about birds taking a bath. The sparrow here take a mud bath what a thrill makes me laugh so. As always Dianne you have captured the moment. Have a lovely week , and thank you for your comments always pleased to hear from you. Hugs Sheila :)x

  12. Lovely series photos of cute birds taking a bath what a peaceful time you have has thought "NO Cat/Dog:-)
    You have a nice week ahead.

  13. Thank you all for your comments, and Michiko I do have a dog, but he is trained not to chase the birds. He is allowed to chase squirrels though and he loves the chase. :)He also chases the cats if they come in our yard, so the birds at my birdbath are safe thanks to Jesse. :)

  14. I love watching the birds bathe by the side of our pond. Sometimes they look as surprised as I am by their wet, heavy feathers!

  15. oh i absolutely relished this! so beautifully captured.xox

  16. Dear Dianne
    What wonderful photos!!!
    You are super photographer!!!
    I wish you a happy summer,why am away from the Internet, until September.
    Sorry about that.
    Many greetings and kisses
    God blessing all your family.

  17. Wow! what great shots those are! You captured movement or I should say, perfectly froze the moment! Well done!

  18. Nice photos of the bathing Blackbird.

  19. awww! absolutely fantastic pictures! heis so cute!
    very beautiful, Christian!

  20. Ciao,my names is Matteo and I'm new on your blog,wonderful shots!Which lens do you used?
    Have a nice day

  21. I love your black bird photographs!
    Birds in water is the ultimate for me.
    Splashing around, making drops fly...

    How is your new grandaughter doing?

  22. Che meraviglia questa sequenza di scatti.


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