Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Announcing The Safe Arrival Of My Grandson



Michael  1


I am proud to announce the birth of my Grandson.

Michael arrived on August 4th, 2011,

Weighing in at 6 lbs. 1oz.




It seems that all the storks were busy elsewhere, so Michael was delivered in the most unusual way. I have to say it was my son’s idea, and I just had to capture the moment with my camera. :)





IMG_6012 Michael 2

Special Delivery




This is how I found my grandson when I went to see him for the first time at their home on Sunday, with his mommy and daddy. My son was taking pictures of his new baby boy. :)





IMG_6015 Father and Son

Can you imagine the fun these two and Samantha will have!




IMG_6040 Father and Son


All and all , Daddy is sure proud and in “Awe” of his new baby boy and so is mommy. By the way Michael is just a few hours short of being 3 days old in this picture. They don’t keep them in the hospital very long any more. I am very thankful that he is healthy. :)




IMG_7631Hope, David and Michael

Here is my other son , holding his daughter Hope in one arm and his new Nephew in his other arm. There isn’t much difference in size. This photo was taken the day Michael was born. By the way, doesn’t  he look like a very proud Daddy and Uncle in this photo.




Congratulations Ed and Samantha. I am so very Happy and Proud of them as well as all of my family. I am grateful and thankful for my family. I am Blessed beyond measure.



IMG_6024 Sam and Ed



Well that’s it for now. It is late but I wanted to get this update published and let you all know the good news.

Hope to find you all well and wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Love and Care

Dianne :)



Dianne © dsphotocats 2011


  1. Dianne, I was so happy to see this post this evening. What a beautiful family. I love seeing photos of babies, and young parents. Your sons are so proud. It is amazing how you can see that in their big beautiful eyes and smiles. Having healthy kids is always a blessing. May you enjoy your grandmotherhood to the max. Be sure to take a fully charged camera and cards upon your visits. Think you will need them.

  2. Hi Dianne,

    I have few words, but many happy, happy tears.

    I am just so tremendously excited for you and your family!!! Mega Hugs!!! GOD BLESS.

    With love and care from Kerrie. xOX

  3. Congratulations and I wish to all, especially baby a lot, good health and happiness. Beautiful photos. Thank you. Greetings. Peter.

  4. Congratulations your new grand son and your family.
    When I read yours it said specially Delivery...
    I thought was some problems?
    It was so cute delivery by the Tonka truck...
    You going to busy your photography for your grand children Grandma.

  5. Congratulations Dianne what wonderful pictures you must indeed be over the Moon. I love the special delivery truck lol. So good to hear such happy news and the little baby's are very well and healthy. Many Blessings to you and your family. :) Sheila xx

  6. Hi Dianne,

    Congratulations and smiles and happy thoughts to you all.

    This was a heartwarming post to read this morning.

    Hugs Nita

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!! to you all. What a lovely family you have!

  8. The arrival of a baby is always a joy, congratulations to all the family and happiness !!!!!!!!

  9. A definite Congratulations is in order here!
    If I had a cigar I'd give it to your son, ok wait a minute, cigars are no longer politicly correct, so I send a virtual chocolate cigar!
    Congrats all!!!

  10. be blessed little baby and congratulations. i just became an aunty as well, isnt is a grace of good? halleluja

  11. Oh how wonderful for you and your family. I love all the photos. That is some very proud father. Also your other son with the two babes in his arms. Your family if growing by leaps and bounds.

  12. Wonderful to see the answer to so many prayers! What a blessing!

  13. Congratulations on this precious arrival.Looks to me like there are lots of fun times ahead.

  14. I will tell you the truth, my dear friend..I have tears in my eyes looking at this precious family of yours and the dear dear babies. God's blessings on all of them and may they prosper and be healthy and look to the Lord always and ever. For in Him, we have our life both now and forever.


  15. Congratulations...I love how the story unfolds here! Such cute pictures! I just learned I will be expecting a GrandSON too, in Decemeber! This is so much fun!

  16. Congratulations my friend! You have a beautiful family. Love the photo of your son holding Michael. You are so blessed.

  17. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and comments. :)

  18. Congratulations! You have a lovely family.

  19. Hi, Diana! I congratulate you on the arrival of the angel in your family! Health and happiness to your kid! May God bless you and your family a son!

  20. Congratulations once again Dianne. Your photos sure speak volumes of so much love for your family.
    Seems like yesterday you said two more would join your family . Gods Blessings are amazing .
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
    Hope we can catch up soon.
    Life is busy and Im making my way around slow.
    And I agree
    You are so Blessed beyond words.

  21. I came over to your blog from Anita's and am so glad I did. What gorgeous photos of your lovely babies - and their proud parents. I'm expecting my first grandchild in December and am so excited! Congratulations to you all and God bless them.


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