Monday, September 3, 2012

Toronto Zoo Series




IMG_8687 Blue Macaw

The Blue Macaw was the center of my attention this day! Yellow and Red Macaw hanging out just above. The clue being the yellow, and red tail feathers to the right in this photo.


Seems everywhere I go, I see birds. Birds fascinate me and I could not imagine a world without them.

I learned something I never knew before this past week. Did you know that by throwing your chewing gum away, outdoors, that you could kill and innocent bird? Birds apparently mistake it for bread or food, and when they swallow it, it gets stuck in their inners and they suffocate, and die. They can not digest gum. Makes one think or at least it should. Please don’t litter, and if you feel inclined please tell others not to throw their gum where an innocent bird or animal may find it. And I thank you, because I love birds. :)






IMG_9076 Giraffe

This guy reminds me of “The Friendly Giant”

You know,”Look way up Rusty”

I loved watching that TV show growing up. Remember Jerome? Seeing this Giraffe brings back good childhood memories for me.






IMG_8928_ Hippo Podamus

Apparently Hippo’s Like Apples. Seems so small, considering where it is heading. That is one huge mouth. I think I will stick to feeding treats to my little dog, Jesse. :) 





IMG_9157 GrizzlyBear

I took this picture through the thick glass window. Would you look at those nails, or claws. I would not want to meet one of these in the wild. I get the willy’s just thinking about it. We don’t have any of these running free in Ontario like they do in Western Canada and other places in the world. “But” we now have Cougars and a few years ago one was spotted in a field on the outskirts of our fair city. I think I would rather visit them at the Toronto Zoo, “Thank you very much!





IMG_9116 Cougar

I think Mr. Cougar was having a bad day at the Zoo.

I couldn’t get a full body image and had to aim my lens so it would focus between the thick mesh fencing. I would not want to meet one of these beautiful cats in the wild. Wild he is! Look at those eyes and teeth. I have heard so many stories of human encounters with these big cats, and my heart goes out to those who have been attacked by these predators.






IMG_9446 Northern Bald Eagle

This is one bird that I hope to one day see in the wild, flying free as an Eagle should. This Northern Bald Eagle was rescued and most likely not survive in the wilderness on its own. Just as many of us have stories of survival, this great Eagle has a story of its own.


All photos and script by Dianne © dsphotocats


These are just a few of the photos I took at the Toronto Zoo this past week. It was a hot summers day, and the lighting was a challenge at times. It was suppose to be a mid 70’s day but per usual this summer the temperature climbed. I did enjoy my day at the zoo and stayed until closing time.

Well it is a beautiful Labor Day Monday and I took the day off work. Think I will head outside and enjoy some late summer air and sunshine. Hope to visit and do some catching up as well.

Hope to find you all well and enjoying this fine day.

xx’s Dianne :)


P.S I added a few new pictures of my family on the side bar, including my new Granddaughter. :) Her name is Briana Marina and was born on Aug. 27th weighing in at 5lbs. 3 ounces.  I may add some photos at a later date with permission of parents. I now have five Granddaughters and one Grandson. I am truly Blessed beyond measure. :)


  1. Hi Dianne,

    Enjoy your posts on Toronto Zoo, it reminds me of my visit there, whilst on holiday visiting my brother about 11 years or so ago.

    Hugs across the pond - Nita

  2. Oh, I love to hippo and the giraffe! Looks like the Toronto zoo has a lot to offer.

    1. Tammy, I added the link to the Toronto Zoo. It has over 5000 animals representing +460 species from around the world. The zoo covers 710 acres of land. I have never been able to cover the whole zoo when taking photos in one day. It would take many. If I lived closer I would get a yearly membership and go often. I just love it there. Thank you for your visit and kind comments. They are much appreciated. :)

  3. wow. I just love that Cougar .What an amazing cat. They are the ones the really get my attention , Apes and Pandas.. but your bear he is wonderful.
    Grand Big Guy I think.
    I have been to one zoo and that was San Diego and a small one in Alberta. I loved your view.
    Gorgeous as always. Enjoy your day outside.

    1. Thank you Lisa, and you are right. The Male Grizzly was massive, while the female is much smaller. Next Spring we are getting two Panda Bears from China. They will be in Toronto for a few years and then to be sent to a Zoo in Alberta for a few more years for study, and then back to China I believe. It was on the news awhile back. Some kind of arrangements made between Our Prime Minister and theirs. The Toronto Zoo is already under construction getting ready for their arrival next year. Some of the animals were off display because of it and others moved to temporary placements.
      The Gorillas were way back sitting in the shade the day I was there and I was unable to photograph them. I also missed seeing my Siberian Tigers. They are my favorite.

  4. Love that you were able to capture personality in some of the animals!

    My parents have five granddaughters and one grandson! Two blondes, two redheads and two brunettes!

  5. The shots are all beautiful. Thank you dianne!


  6. Thank you all for visiting and your comments. :)

  7. All your photos glow to me. The vibrant colors that show your love of the camera, the photo, the adventure in finding that photo that always catches my eye. How is your mother doing? I adore your photography Dianne, you inspire me.

  8. These are great shots...the apple in the mouth gives a great perspective on size, doesn't it? Congrats on the new little one...Briana looks so little. Your sidebar photos are so fun, glad i scrolled down to see them!

  9. Gorgeous pics as always! I just love birds as well and I did know about the gum. My son tells his friends about it as well. I really like the bear's eyes, he's fascinating! A friend of mine had three birds and one of them was a Blue Macaw. I had a lot of fun with that beautiful bird!
    Congrats on your new Angel! Briana is precious! I'm so happy for you and your family. :)

  10. Great Shots Dianne .. Oh my the chewing thing gave me a shiver. I didn't know about that, how awful. Birds are a pleasure to enjoy in the garden , recently had a Woodpecker helping himself to the nuts. Congrats on the little one so cute you must be proud. Enjoy your Lovely Weather , LOOK FORWARD TO MORE OF YOUR shots .
    Hugs Sheila xx

  11. Our zoo here is pretty pathetic but on occasion they can have an animal or two that is outstanding. I love birds too, it's been sort of a family tradition to be that way. My grand parents were avid bird watchers. I sure enjoyed your pictures Dianne.

  12. Thrilled to hear of your new granddaughter - such a pretty name. I do hope she's thriving despite her early start!

  13. The cougar is a beautiful animal and i really like the bear shot

  14. Excellent blog - excellent pictures!


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