Monday, April 21, 2008




When Jesus says, "Come to me," he doesn't say come to religion, come to a system, or come to a certain doctrine. This is a very personal invitation by God, an invitation to the Saviour.

In essence, Christianity is nothing more , nothing less than a desire and an effort to see Jesus. That's all it is.

We are trying to catch a glimpse of a man, not a program, not a plan, not a system, not a doctrine. We are trying to see a man who called himself the Son of God.

Our God is not aloof ---he is not so far above us that he can't see and understand our problems. Jesus isn't a God who stayed on the mountaintop --- he is a Savior who came down and lived and worked with the people. Everywhere he went, the crowds followed, drawn together by the magnet that was --- and is --- the Savior.

The life of Jesus Christ is a message of hope, a message of mercy, a message of life in a dark world.


Blessed Lord and God, we come to you, aware that you pierced our world. You (God), became flesh, you dwelled among us, you saw us in our fallen state, you reach in and pulled us out. You offered us salvation, you offered us mercy . And we are ever thankful.

Author Unknown

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