Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Year In The Journey Of Life


November At The Pond_ Remnants Of First Snowfall

The Pond By The Bay

This photo was taken a year ago at the pond by The Bay, which is right across from My Special Place. Those who know me well know what I am talking about. Some of my fondest moments in 2009 were along the waterfront trail which I so often shared through my photos and writing in my blogs.

This past year has been good in so many ways. Yes there were many times when I didn’t no what was around the corner on my path. The road on my journey in the past year was sometimes smooth and other times it was pretty rough. There were disappointments and there were times of rejoicing. There were times of sadness and joy. There were times of stress and times of relaxation. And I could go on and on.

In the last year or so I thought I was going to loose both my mom and my dad. My mom and dad both recovered and are doing okay at the moment even though they both have major health issues. God seen us through this past year and also Blessed us in so many ways.

I am so thankful that I never walk alone on my journey of life. The one who gave me life, never left me. My Lord and Creator walks with me daily. Some would say He is a crutch and that I am strong enough to do it on my own. Maybe I am or maybe I’m not, but I am not about to try. I have done both, but the journey is much more pleasant and easy with The Lord in my heart and by my side. I know that if the time comes when I am too weary along life’s Journey, He will carry me.

So I will reflect on this past year and then say goodbye. I will not wish it away as life is too short and the years tend to fly by. I am thankful for God’s provision and all His Blessings He bestowed upon me and my family and friends this past year. I will continue to walk in His Grace for the remainder of this year and the one to come and as many years as He gives me on this earth.

So bring on the New Year. I have no great expectations , nor New Year’s Resolutions. Come what may, I will continue to walk with Jesus and put my trust in Him alone. He is my Rock and Salvation.

I fully expect the road to be smooth in places and very rough in places as well. I am happy and looking forward as I continue along life’s Journey as I welcome another year of my life. Thank you for being a part of my life and being my friend. That is one of the great joys in my life. To have friends and family. I am truly Blessed.

Best Wishes to All of you my Friends for A Happy and Healthy New Year, filled with Faith, Hope, Love, Peace and so much more. May God pour His Grace upon each and every one of you.

I will finish this blog with this Poem.

Love and Hugs

Dianne :)

A New Year With The Lord

A new year is about to unfold
With new opportunities to explore
Doors will open for new experiences
New adventures with the Lord
Remember not the former things
The things of this past year
The Lord will do new things in us
Much more than we are aware
For He will make a way for us
As we put our trust in Him
And He will guide our every step
By His presence we have within
What God has placed within our hearts
We find we’ll be able to do
If we look for the opportunities
We’ll see the door to go through
We mustn’t let anything hold us back
But rise up and take our place
And be all that God wants us to be
With a fresh touch of His grace
© By M.S.Lowndes

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