Sunday, November 21, 2010

All Was Calm, All Was Bright At The End Of This November Day

IMG_9290_All Is Calm At Sunset

A Biker Sitting At The Peer, Taking In The View At The End Of The Day

IMG_9259_1 Fire In The Sky At Sunset

Crimson Red Sky And Ripples In The Calm Waters Of The Bay

IMG_9269_ Cross In The Sky

A Cross In The Sky As I Looked Almost Over My Head

It was as if I were at the foot of the cross.

What a Beautiful thought and sight.

Jesus is no longer on a cross and He is Alive

and one day He will return to this earth.

Acts Chapter 1 in the Bible, tells us how Jesus was taken up

into Heaven, as His Disciples watched,

and suddenly two men dressed

in white appeared and asked them why they stood gazing

into the sky?

This same Jesus , who has been taken from you into heaven ,

will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.


I wonder how many people really believe that Jesus Christ will return to this earth and what the consequences will be?

It’s all recorded in the Bible for all to read , and choose what they will believe. It is all about free choice and Faith.

We can have faith in almost anything but in the end Truth will be revealed.

We can call anything God and worship anything we choose. But I think in the end God Almighty will have the last say.

As I sit at my computer this night these are the thoughts that came to mind as I looked at the image of what I see as a cross in the sky.

These photos were taken just a little over a week ago on a mild November evening just after the sunset. It was so peaceful and the water so calm, which is somewhat unusual for this time of year. Usually it is very cold and the water very rough. I stood in “Awe” of the Beauty that was on display , and the quiet serenity of it all. Just me and two others were standing on the peer lost in our own thoughts and feelings. That was the last time I was out with my camera. It was a night to remember.

I am just getting over the flu and it was a nasty bug indeed. Our weather has changed and the days are getting cooler but still no snow. It won’t be long now as I know things can change over night. After all this is November , and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I want to wish all my American friends and anyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving this week , a very Happy Thanksgiving, and remember, “Thanksgiving is more than a Holiday, it is an Attitude. “

Yours Truly, Dianne :)


  1. Hi Diane, I'm glad you are feeling better. I was sick all last week with a throat bug, but I still went to work anyway. It is cold here tonight, and will be getting even colder in the next couple of days. As far as the words from the Bible, I know they are true, wish everyone did. And thanks for the beautiful pics!

  2. Hi Dianne sorry to hear you have been ill, glad to hear you are feeling better now. Snow yes I wonder if we will be blessed with a white Christmas this year. Untouched with a sparkle from the sun thats the first beautiful moment to cherish.
    Your photo's are such a joy and just so calming Dianne. I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Hugs Sheila x:)

  3. I must say...what a joy to the eye Dianne..I am always glad and refreshed after having come here.

  4. The peaceful and warm days of November ended with a crash yesterday. One foot of snow and temperatures below zero today show that this winter will enter with a crash and stay for a while. I love your pictures my friend...there's a real peace that fills me and I can't thank you enough for that.

  5. Beautiful photos my friend as always. Joe in Montana seems to be getting winter before the rest of us. Have a wonderful day and I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Hi Dianne,

    These horrible bugs seem to be getting at us all. Glad you are a feeling a bit better. Love this post and your pictures. Have a good week. Hugs Nita

  7. Dianne, your site is breathtakingly beautiful! And yes, we do have a lot of the same people in common, nice. Oh look at little Jesse, how adorable is he! You and Lisa and Carrie seem to have the most wonderful cameras that pick up incredible color and such detail. I'm in awe.
    But I came here to thank you SO much for your note about WLW. I always save the draft but never knew I could make the change there and hit publish for the 2nd time and it would correct the post on my own site. WOW, what great news! I was going to say I can't wait to try it, but lol, I'll be using it every time I post :D
    YOU are a sweetheart :)

  8. Thank you, each and everyone. I am back at work today, and just home for lunch, and back at it.

    Jenny you are so welcome. :)Thankyou for stopping by, and you are welcome anytime.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day, and week ahead.
    Sincerely Dianne :)

  9. So glad that you are feeling better. The photos are lovely.

  10. And thank you, back, sweetie. So glad we are following now. I wouldn't miss this for the world :D

  11. Hi Dianne,
    Thank you so such for your visit and comments. They really moved me and I am sure if Kerrie reads them they will move her too. We are indeed all sisters in the lord I so appreciate your prayers and you are in mine. Love and Hugs Nita. p.s. great to see Jenny on here now, she is a good friend to have

  12. ( worked! I did a blog with errors on purpose and then did exactly like you said and oh my goshhhh, I am soooo happy! What a timesaver! Thanks, sweetie!)

  13. Jenny that is great news. You are welcome and glad I could help. :)

    Thankyou Nita and Beth for your thoughts and prayers.

    I came home from work sick again today. If you don't hear from me it is becsuse I am resting and doing my best to get better. I have a Drs. Appointment tomorrow.

  14. Dianne you have written what I do know to be ture and he will come to us just as he left. I read that too and was taught many wonderful blessing by my Mom . Wonderful thoughts to think as you stood on that peer and wonderful images you captured to keep forever not only in your heart. Thanks for sharing. Now you have brightened my day.
    Get well, Stay rested and dont do anyting I wouldnt do.. Ha. and that is an order. Rest .
    Hugs and Smiles to you Diamond Girl
    Abby.. :~)
    and I love the Cross and each photo. How peaceful .

  15. and sorry it took so long to get here. Its been too busy here since Ive gotten home. On the go here and there and every place and the phone wont stop ringing. I guess Im loved. :)
    but the greatest Love of All is what has blessed my life the most. God .

  16. Thank you Lisa, Abby for stopping by, and you need not appologize. It is a long way from the West to the East! Ha! Now let me see, You said,"Don't do anything you wouldn't do". That leaves me alot of things I can do! :)
    Thanks for the hugs and smiles Abby and Dimond Girl sends Hugs and Smiles from the East to the West. :)Hope you got them.

  17. I found your blog through one of my friends - wonderful photos, I have enjoyed looking at them all :)

  18. The person on the bench remeinds me of me. I sit for long times and just think . I saw the most amazing sunset tonight. Not a cloud in the sky ,.just the sun .Amazing , full and larger than life itself and I knew that God was telling me all will be well my Children. Trust in my with are your heart and soul and lean not on your own understanding. We are percious in his eyes and he loves us. We are craved on the palms of his hands.
    Dianne Thank you for you prayers your support and shoulder when I needed it.
    Love you dearly my friend and I know your an angle sent by Gods own hand. Today its hard to keep anything down but I do feel ok.
    I will be away for a few days and be back when I can.
    Lisa xo

  19. Thank you Lisa. You have been such an encouragement to me also. Yes we need to trust the Lord with all our heart and soul, and not lean on our own understanding. Sometimes , I too need to be reminded of that as we live our daily lives, and as we plan for the future. We both know who holds our future, as we continue to walk in His Grace. We have a Bright future ahead of us as His Children. Our Hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Some day we all will be with the Lord. All those who believe will someday be home at last. No more pain, no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more war, no more death. What a Glorious Hope and Future we have in Jesus.
    You are so welcome Lisa. You have been there for me many, many times.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I am with you in spirit. Love and Hugs, Dianne :)

  20. Hi Dianne finally here playing catch up. Just haven't been on the computer much these days. Just love the 1st photo. So peaceful looking. You must have felt so much calmness from such scenes you have shared here. Hugs Carrie

  21. Dear Dianne, Your photographs are sensational!!! I wonder what you wonder.. "I wonder how many people really believe that Jesus Christ will return to this earth and what the consequences will be?" He is coming!!! Our hope is in Christ Jesus. In His Love, Kerrie. xOx

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