Monday, November 29, 2010

Beyond The Sunset

IMG_7055_Beyond The Sunset

Beyond The Sunset

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning.
When with our Saviour heaven's begun.
Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning
Beyond the sunset when day is done.

Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather.
No storms will threaten, no fears annoy.
O day of gladness, O day unending.
Beyond the sunset eternal joy.

Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me,
To God the Father whom I adore.
His glorious presence, His words of welcome,
Will be my portion on that fair shore.

Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion,
With our dear loved ones who've gone before,
In that fair homeland we'll know no parting.
Beyond the sunset forever more.

This is what Blanche Brock said about his hymn, “Beyond the Sunset.” This song was born during a conversation at the dinner table one evening, in 1936, after we diners had watched a very unusual sunset at Winona lake, Indiana, with a blind guest. We went to the dinner table still talking about the impressive spectacle we had witnessed. Our blind guest excitedly remarked that he had never seen a more beautiful sunset. Our blind guest said, “I see through other people’s eyes, and I think I often see more; I see beyond the sunset.” The phrase “beyond the sunset” and the striking inflection of his voice struck me so forcibly, I began singing the first few measures. We then went to the piano and completed the first verse. “You should have a verse about the storm clouds,” our guest urged, and the words for this verse came quickly as well. Recalling how closely our guest had walked with his wife hand in hand together for so many years due to his blindness, the third verse was soon added.

I would like to dedicate this post to my dear friend Lisa and her Family.

I would also like to dedicate this post to Carole who lost her brother also this past summer, and to all those who have lost a loved one at one time or another.

You are in my thoughts and prayers

Love and Hugs

Dianne :)

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  1. SO beautiful, Dianne. As I was reading it, I immediately thought of Lisa and of Carole and hoped they would see this.....then I saw what you said as a dedication and that was the most wonderful thing. The story is more than uplifting and the photos are mesmerizing. How thoughtful and loving of you to make this post, but really Dianne, that's exactly who you are :) XOXOXO
    Oh my goodness! My favorite hymn just started playing: Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel...

  2. Dianne. This has been on my mind all week and have read it in different forms. Thank you for your thoughts and your prayers.
    Your spirit I know felt a great loss when your Dad went. This has been hard for me and Im sure anyone else that has suffered such great a loss in life. Im up in the middle of the night reading .Thanks for your emails also.

    Im very touched by your kindness and gentle spirit.

  3. Hi Dianne

    Beautiful dedication. Loss is always hard to cope with, without Our Saviour and loving friends, what would we do.

    Hugs Nita

  4. This is a lovely song. I always cry when I hear it. My heart goes out to Lisa and her family.

  5. Thank you sweetest friend. I send love and appreciation to you.


  6. Thank you all for your love and friendship. We share our joys, and our sorrows. Hugs Dianne

  7. Have a very peaceful day tomorrow my dear friend.
    Sending you many hugs and I hope your feeling so much better.
    Much Love my heart Sister.

  8. Thank you Lisa. I am thinking of you and praying.May the Lord be with you and bring Peace and Comfort to you my dear friend.
    Love and hugs to you my sister of the heart.

  9. Thinking of you and praying all has calmed down in your life, Dianne. hugs, gail

  10. So very beautiful Dianne thank you. I hope all is peaceful for you this time of year, and you are looking forward to a family gathering at Christmas time. Hugs Sheilax

  11. Very nice post Dianne, beautiful picture!
    Take care...

  12. What a beautiful story. And here I am with two eyes and sometimes I fail to see anything beautiful at all. Tonight I'll head to bed thanking God for the gift of sight. Thanks, Dianne, for the reminder.

  13. Beautiful words to a beautiful sunset. Hugs Carrie

  14. Many great conversations come from around the dinner table. Don't they? This is one to remember, that's for sure! I hope you won't mind if I blog this over at my place? God be with you. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx


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