Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pond At The Bay On A Beautiful October Day




IMG_9142 Oct.At The Pond By The Bay 

The Bridge Over Calm Waters



IMG_9149 Pond Overlooking The Bay

Over Looking The Pond and The Bay



IMG_9179 Reflections In The Pond

Reflections In The Pond



IMG_9180 Autumn By The Bay At The Pond

The Bigger Picture



IMG_9159_Oct. Reflections In The Pond

Reflections On A Canvas Of Water



IMG_9184 Reflections In The Pond 

Capturing Natural Art – All Part Of God’s Creation



Not long ago on a mild Autumn afternoon, back in October, I went for a walk down by the Bay.

This is what I saw through my lens that day. God’s Creation is never ending. Each and everyday is a

New Beginning. Each and every day is a New Creation. Enjoy everyday, for it is a Gift from God above.

God Bless You and Have a Good day and weekend to come.

Sincerely Dianne © dsphotocats



  1. What incredible colors and reflections! I think that's the one thing that was tough for me this year: missing the beauty of the fall season. Don't get me wrong I have no regrets about being in Africa but it's so strange coming back from that to the season's end already.

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. hi Dianne,

    Spectacular pictures, just love the colours and reflections, thank you for sharing with us. Thank you too for your visit and response to my blog re Kerrie and for praying. It is quite a puzzle in a way why she has completely disappeared, but God knows where she is and what is happening and we can only pray - Have a great weekend, Love and hugs across the pond - nita.

  4. The photos are just beautiful,the colors are so vivid. Thank you.

  5. Dianne each of your reflections are absolutely beautiful!
    So glad to see you did get out with your camera.
    Incredible .
    Have a wonderful day.
    Lisa xo

  6. Hi Dianne
    The colours are so beautiful Autumn you captured this at its best. So pleased you are getting out and about with your camera. I love the reflections on the Pond , there is something wonderful and relaxing about it. Looking forward to your next visit Dianne , hope you have a lovely Weekend. Hugs Sheila :)

  7. Fall is a great time to reflect on what has been and what is on the horizon. The creation is so ever resplendent with the colors of fall.
    Thanks for sharing your day by the bay.

  8. beautiful pictures. autumn has to be one of the most beautiful seasons for sure.

    greetings from barcelona.

  9. I love the reflections. I think the last two are my most most favorites of all. xox

  10. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful comments. Hope you all have a good weekend. :)Dianne

  11. So beautiful - those colors are glorious.

  12. God has given you a gift to capture His beauty of creation and of those fleeting moments into your beautiful photo of artworks.


  13. Wow!!!!!!!!! Outstanding capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Photos from the first prize !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thankyou all so very very much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments. :)

  15. Hi Dianne , Thank you so much for your prayers and for stopping in when I was so sick. Means so much to me.
    I again love each of these images. Just stunning. Have a wonderful night
    Hugs and Smiles from the West
    Abby :)

  16. Thank you Lisa for visiting me all the way from the West, and you are so welcome my friend.
    Hope you are staying warm, I heard you have snow out there and it is getting very cold. Please do not send it here.
    Hugs and Smiles from the East. Diamond Girl :)

  17. Wow is right! Simply beautiful captures, excellent compositions Dianne! They are like paintings...

  18. Light in the box is right..they ARE like paintings. Glorious always.

  19. Refections are something a spend a lot of time looking at down at my beaver ponds. So many people just don't see them and sometimes you really have to focus with you eyes to bring them out. Thank you for sharing the beautiful refections you saw. I found also when the wind shimmering on the water it creates such beautiful colors. You have managed to capture that as well. Hugs Carrie

  20. To see the power, glory, and wisdom of our Lord is the ultimate purpose of nature. You have done such a great job showing how beautiful nature can be!

    Thank you for glorifying God through your beautiful pictures and blog. Great job.

  21. Oh My, I had my thoughts in my head to comment, then poof, away they went as soon as I read the above comment from 'settledinheaven' - I couldn't have said it any better. Amen. Your photographs are truly marvelous! That is M.A.R.V.E.L.O.U.S. Praise God, we are able to see His beauty EVERYWHERE and SHARE the joy of what we see and feel. Much love to you and your family Dianne. xOx Kerrie


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