Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn



IMG_7846 Mr. and Mrs Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Hays


I would like to wish you all a Happy Autumn,

For today ( Sept. 23d ) is the first day of Fall in our part of the world.


I came across this lovely Harvest Couple while driving on a Country Road the other day. It made me smile and I hope it will make you smile also.




IMG_7986 Hint of Autumn In The trees

 I went for a walk along the Bay on the last day of summer, and I noticed that the tree tapestries are at a cross roads, and are beginning to change colors.




IMG_8191 Maple Tree




IMG_8263 Sumacs

Also the Sumac Bushes are starting to turn red and orange.




IMG_8201 Grackle

Seems I wasn’t the only one out for a walk. This Beautiful Common Bronze colored Grackle must have been waiting on his flight. :)


Well that is it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful first day of Autumn.

xo Dianne :)


  1. Delightful pictures Dianne. We had a tremendous warm up and it almost feels like summer again though it gets dark lots earlier so I know it's not true. I appreciate the views you show through your pictures, thank you!

  2. Walking through the net I found your blog and I love your content, you have some very beautiful photographs and if I may follow through here.
    A greeting

  3. The Hays look like wonderful is fall here too, ready or not!

  4. Happy Autumn to you also Dianne :-)

    Mr. & Mrs. Hays are very cool looking :-)


  5. Love your photos Dianne, the first one made me smile as well. Hope to see more wonderful autumn photo from you in the future.

  6. Wonderful photos Dianne, Thank you so much for brightening my day.

  7. Yes,those trees are ready to put on a show and I am ready to witness it.

  8. Hi Dianne,

    Smiling at your pictures, happy autumn to you too.

    Hugs Nita

  9. Great photos and Happy Fall Friday!

  10. Love the Mr & Mrs Hey that gave me a big smiles.
    The photos are gorgeous!
    We having a spring time and I get a bad hey fever from the last of August.
    Enjoy your beautiful Autumn season.

  11. great shots!!!! love that little bird strutting around.

  12. How cute and creative is Mr and Mrs Hay!!
    As you know I am traveling, and we see these round rolls of hay that look like shredded wheat to us. We have rectangle shape hay in our area of California. Why is it round, and they all seem bigger. I guess I am not a country woman afterall. But I adore watching it...

  13. I love the Hays. Are they your Neighbours Ha. All kinding aside I do see this from time to time here but not as cute as the Hays. Wonderful photos of Autumn. Enjoy while you can.
    Love your Bird also . He is a beauty.
    Your new header is a delight . Welcome Autumn and Happy Fall or should that be the other way around.

  14. Hi . You silly girl. I laughed when I read DL .. haha. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

  15. Love your new neighbors so cute lookingd Your header really says Autumn. Only today to I feel it coming here. Most color changes have been from lack of rain. Had a good down pour yesterday and tonight expect a good frost. Fall is here.


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