Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Late Summer’s Walk Along The Bay_ Sept.17th/10



IMG_7744 Bay Bridge 

Bridge Over The Bay





IMG_7747 Clouds Over The Bay

My View From A Distance





IMG_7748 Strokes Of The Masters Hand

God’s Canvas In The Sky





IMG_7761 Geese On The Bay

Swing Low Sweet Chariots





IMG_7777 Overlooking The City

Over Looking The City





IMG_7789 The City By The Bay

A Different View Of The Bay With The City In The Background





IMG_7840 Lone Swan

One Lone Swan Posing For The Camera





IMG_7772 The Change In Color

A Glimpse Of A Change Of Seasons



I know Autumn has arrived but I am a little behind the times, and doing a little catching up here.

For those of you who know me, know that many of my photos are taken along the waterfront trails, along the city  where I live. I decided to step back from the trails, and show you  a little of the Bigger Picture. Those who know me know how I love to walk, and bike the trails that follow the Bay, and the river that flows into it. 

These photos only depict a small portion of The Bay, which is fairly large, and leads into Lake Ontario.

I decided on this hot, sunny, late summer, afternoon to take a walk along The Bay, from a distance, but did end up on part of the waterfront trail near the end of my walk. This was 5 days before the end of summer, and it was so Beautiful. I had the afternoon off work, and I just had to get out there with my camera, and enjoy the great outdoors.

I hope you have enjoyed the walk, and the view. Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and remember…. When things look down, look up.

Blessings to all.  Dianne dsphotocats :)


  1. I'll take cloud pics and turn them into grayscale, get all kinds of interesting abstractions.

    Looks like a nice walk about

  2. Hi there - thank you for your comment. You live in a gorgeous place! Lovely images and words... can't wait to visit again!

  3. Lovely walking along with you and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Thank you for letting me tag along.
    The photos are awesome!

  4. Good Morning
    Each photo is so very beautiful. Thanks for taking me along with you on your walk here also.
    Very peaceful . I love the clouds. The red leaves and the seasons change reminds me of the beauty God will show us with each passing season even if we struggle along the path just to keep on going , he is always here and never will leave.
    Your a blessing . Your prayers I know are being heard.
    Hugs from the West .
    and if you dont mind I think I will stay and listen to your music for a while.

  5. Thank you John, Stacey, Beth and Lisa,for coming along on my walk. :)

    That would be so awesome if I could walk with each one of you. Think of the stories and laughs we would have. Ha! I think Lisa would keep us all in stitches. She is quite the gal, and we all love her. :)
    But we sure do enjoy each other here, sharing our blogs, telling so many stories of our daily lives, things so dear to our hearts, Our Faith, our struggles, and our victories, and so much more. Getting to know each one of you, makes the Journey that much brighter, and makes the rough spots a little smoother. :)

    Thank you Lisa, and yes you were with me in my thoughts and prayers that day, just as you are today. I always said, "When I stop seeing the Beauty around me, I am in trouble". Even when my dad passed away, God continued to show me the Beauty, and gave me a Passion to go out there and capture it with my camera. That is part of why the Swan Family is so dear to me.
    God is Good, even when things go wrong, and we don't understand why. There is a Reason, and He will always see us through, and make us stronger in the end. Think about what it takes to make one Pearl.
    Yes, we all must keep on going.
    Like wise Lisa, You are a Blessing to me and so many others.
    Hope you enjoyed the music.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  6. Oh how wonderful at the bay. The swan is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your walk in the heat of the end of summer.

  7. Loved seeing the sweeping clouds and glorious day you recorded for us Dianne. And the updates on the critters are always very welcome here in my home. Love critters no matter who they are..even the "vishus" bird food eating squirrels. :-)


  8. Once again I see so much beauty here. You shoot and give your very best. Lovely again.
    Im exhusted Dianne. Thankyou for your kind words.
    Im exhusted once again.
    My brothers kidneys shut down.They gave him too much of one drug at the Cancer Hosptial we found out today. We almost lost him again.
    They are trying slowly to boost the kidneys without Dialayis . We have moved him back to the Universtiy Hospital in Edmonton. Prayers are greatly appricated and heard I know that

  9. Dianne. Thanks for leaving me your words here also. Your a blessing I know your with me , I dont even have to ask.
    Im grateful for that beyond words.
    Much Love always

  10. Thank you Toodie, Carole and Ms. Cat and Horst for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments. :)

  11. Thank you for the update Lisa. I have been thinking and praying off and on all day, and will continue to do so as the Spirit leads.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Much Love Dianne :)

  12. Hi Dianne
    Thank you for visiting and giving such good advice.Most of all thankyou for the beauty you show me through your eyes. God is very good and it is amazing that he brings His nature to me through someone i have never met and yet feel close to.I guess that is a small picture of what heaven will be!
    Hugs Margaret

  13. I always feel so calm from your walks along the bay. Too see so many changes that still take place everyday even when you are in the same area. I was floating away with your clouds.. Hugs Carrie

  14. Sorry it took me a while to get here, Dianne, but I'm so glad I did. This is a wonderful series! Now if I can just get out and do some shooting myself......

  15. Hello Dianne,thanks for the walk. I alway's appreciate different views from a another place... beautiful sky photos!
    Michael :-)

  16. Thankyou Margaret you made my day! :)
    God Bless You.
    Hugs Dianne :)

  17. Thank you all so very much for stopping by and leaving your comments. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I will come by for a visit soon but I need to get some sleep first, and do a little work. :)

  18. nice pictures!

  19. Hi Dianne,'
    Just wanted to thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. It is always great to meet another sister in the Lord. Have a blessed day.



  20. Hello once again Dianne, what a peaceful walk..
    love that swan..
    and those clouds.. I have always loved clouds.. and yours are quite nice..
    its always nice to see your visits..
    hope your day is soft and kind..
    God bless..

  21. Thank you for taking us on your walk Dianne,
    to see so much water, is just beautiful
    Take care

  22. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  23. Thankyou all for visting and leaving your comments. :)

  24. Pleased to meet you Ron, and thankyou for your visit, and becoming a follower. :)

  25. Grace is always followed Gratitude..They belong together like heaven and earth dont ya think.
    God and the very essence of the soul go together with God. .
    Thanks for everything Dianne.
    Your so good at what you do here..Wow Im in Aww at what your truth really is.
    Just amazing.

  26. Live , Love , and Laugh and And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln


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