Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There Is a Reason For Everything


Peace At The Pond

Peace By The Pond




This little pond is a 10 minute walk north of my house,

and is the beginning of my beloved biking trail.

Sometimes I walk and sometimes I bike.

Sometimes I just go and sit quietly. It is a sanctuary to me.

God is always with me no matter where I am…

But, it is good to find a quiet place ,

Away from the busyness and noise of life.

It is one way I keep my sanity in a world that

places so many demands on me.

When it is quiet and I really listen,

I can hear the voice of God…

Not in an audible voice but in my spirit,

And in the things around me,

He uses all the senses that He created in me

To draw me near to Him.

It had been awhile since I had been to the pond.

Two things that He has been speaking to me about this week,

is to “Be Still and know He is God”. Actually He has been

trying to tell me that for awhile. Sometimes when I don’t

“Listen”… He will stop me dead in my tracks. That can be painful,

but sometimes necessary.

That brings me to the second thing He has been showing me this week.

“There is a Reason for everything that happens in my life”.

I have had good times and hard times in my life but I have never

walked alone as long as Jesus has been my Lord and Saviour .

So no matter what happens in my life or yours….. God is Good

and Loves His Children…. He wants us to stay close to Him,

and if we wander He will do what it takes to bring us back

into His Loving Arms. If we fall , He will be there waiting to pick us up!

God Bless you all and remember God Loves You .

Sincerely Dianne :)


  1. Hello Dianne - Happy Autumn to you. I am so pleased you have enjoyed some time out at your favourite place, to 'be still' and connect with our heavenly Father. God is Good! Much love, Kerrie. xOx

  2. Hi Dianne, beautiful peaceful picture, very true words. God is Good, so many good things he provides for us and surrounds us with, so many painful situations he brings healing to and strength to bear, Praise His Name, love and hugs - Nita

  3. Beautiful post Dianne and the words hit home with me.
    God Bless you!

  4. Dianne I too find that place but not all the time.
    Like you life is busy for me . I loved your blog full of peace .
    You have blessed me greatly with your words.
    I think that is why we are friends because of him .
    Hugs my friend
    Have a wonderful day and rest of the week.

  5. I love your side words The Path. How very beautiful. I hope Sunshines on you again today.

  6. I had that experience last week...getting away from the world so to speak...unbelievable quiet, stillness and peace! God is indeed everywhere...everywhere we are and everywhere we we stay focused enough to see him....thanks for sharing.
    grace to you

  7. Thankyou all so much for your comments and God Bless each and every one of you.
    xx's Dianne :)

  8. I love the times and places that help me focus on the still small voice. Lately there's been a clamor everywhere I turn which I think is all about our approaching trip. That sweet still small voice is still there through it all though. Blessings to you my friend!

  9. Ah, yes......looks a fine place to sit and commune with Nature!

  10. Hi Dianne,
    I really love the banner you have up top.. its so very peaceful looking.. and that bench is just the right spot to sit awhile and just breath.
    your right about finding a place where God can speak to ones soul and us listen.. that is the hard part most days.. is to listen..
    hope you have a beautiful day..

  11. Thankyou Joe, you said it so well. Yes,that still small voice is always there, we just have to stop and listen to what it is He wants to say to us as individuals, for He knows our hearts and our thoughts so well, and loves us so much and wants whats best for us as His Children. It's all about our relationship with God the Father and God the Son and His Holy Spirit is our Guide.

  12. Thank you Chip for stopping by and yes I just love all the Nature that surrounds that little pond. :) I have taken many pictures there over the years. :)

  13. Hope, thank you for stopping by. That bench overlooks the Bay, and is on the opposite end of the city, but also is part of the waterfront trail. Where I live has the river to the north, that runs through the city, and ends up in the Bay to the south of where I live. I live in the center of town so I can get to both places within a short period of time. They are both my most favorite places to be.
    Thank you again for your visit and for sharing.
    I Hope and pray you also have a beautiful day. :)

  14. Again, I just want to thank you all and hope you are having a great day.:)

  15. What peace your blog has brought along with your beautiful music playing. I so love that about blogspot you can listen to the music at each blog and while commenting. I wish you many peaceful days next to your pond and anywhere you choose to sit and reflect on God's presence around you. Hugs Carrie

  16. Your in my thoughts and in my prayers tonight Dianne. Yes I will save you pie. Need ice cream and will get what kind you want. I will have a Timmys waiting for you also. Will be with you in Spirt.
    Stay calm and just know that God is with you .
    Hugs my dear friend.
    And I love your view of photos on the side. !!

  17. Thankyou Lisa, I hope I am not too late for some hot blueberry pie with vanilla icecream, along with Timmy's Coffee.I will be right over.:)

  18. never fail in bringing loveliness to all of us and Love.

    I apologize for forgetting to log Miss Catt out of her blog before I came's me'n'her.

  19. Hi Dianne, I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears what you convey....I breathed deep and smiled =]. A couple of months back I was a passenger in the car, everything in turmoil I closed my eyes and asked God WHY, where are you.....we had stopped at a stop sign and I peered out at the ground covered with trash...peeking out was a bright yellow flower with az not a usual vision! only then could I take a deep breath and the feel the joy of knowing Jesus. What I see and what I hear on your blog takes my heart to a different place, thanks Dianne =] are home, I am duty!

  20. Thankyou Nancy, You have touched my heart, I am speachless. Thank God He has given us eyes to see, and ears to hear, and a heart to feel, but most of all His Grace in every situation we find ourselves in. He is always there. He never ever leaves us nor forsakes us, even when we ask the question, Why??? One day we will understand when we see Him face to face and are given our new bodies that will be perfect in every way. We just have to keep hanging on, no matter what.
    Love you Sister. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a Blessing Nancy. More than you will ever know. One day you will and God will reward you.
    Big Hugs, Dianne :)

  21. Thankyou Carole and Miss Cat. You are welcome anytime. :)


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