Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning Glory


IMG_7038 Morning Glory

Flowers have a mysterious and subtle influence upon the feelings,

not unlike the strains of music.

They relax the tenseness of the mind.

They dissolve it’s vigour.

Written by:  Henry Ward Beecher



As I was walking by a house on my street the other day, I noticed these Morning Glories. I have walked by and drove by many times paying no mind, but this past Saturday as I walked by they captured my attention. It was a sun and cloudy day, and windy and so I took but one shot. This is the result. This was taken with a 28-200 lens, hand held. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

Our street has been a mess and under construction all summer long, since the first of May. It has been hard to look beyond the dirt and gravel, rusty pipes, trenches , and noisy machines on our street. They finally put the curbs in today, and hopefully soon will add sidewalks , and then pave our road once again. It has been a real challenge to see the beauty on our street this summer, but finally we can walk on it once again, and hopefully will be able to park on our street, and in our driveways again soon. Seeing these flowers has brought me a feeling that all is well in our neighbourhood and soon will be back to normal, and much improved. It will be worth it all in the end. Sometimes , things have to get worse before they get better.

I hope you all are having a good week and enjoying the beauty around you.

Sincerely Dianne :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Many times simple is better.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Those are glorious indeed! I didn't see many of those this year in these parts. The weather has been much cooler than usual with tons of rain so perhaps that's why. Construction around here has been on people's houses since the damaging hail has been uprecidented. Love the picture my friend, have a great day!

  3. You have a great attitude! And I LOVE morning glories!

  4. Hi Dianne,

    Love the flowers, and you are right, things often have to get worse, before they get better.
    Have a great weekend, hugs across the pond, Nita.

  5. Simply georgous. Have a good week Dianne.

  6. What a beautiful Blogger site you have, wonderful pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blogspot... :-)

  7. Very beautiful Dianne. Sorry you had such a mess on your street. Im sure it lovely now.
    You and your lens are one. Again she is lovely.
    Thanks for your support and prayers and your emails. More than you know
    Much Love Always

  8. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments.Hope you all have a wonderful week.

    Thank you Lisa, and you are so welcome.
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much Love Dianne :)

  9. My goodness. I must have thought I made a comment here,. I probably did on Flickr. I know I saw these gorgeous Morning Glories and they are a personal fave of mine.

  10. Hi Dianne
    As usual your pictures are beautiful,it's as if you can touch or see things through your eyes.I Have also joined the blogspot and still hoping i'm getting through.
    Have a great week
    Hugs Margaret

  11. Hello Dianne, Popping in to say “Hello” with a smile to you, my dear friend. Sending my love and care to you and your family. It took quite a mammoth effort to get here, but I wasn’t giving up. For some reason, I just can’t seem to get the hang of blogger. Anyway, enough of that, I’m here and I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy your amazing photography coupled with the wisdom of your words. Blessings to your home. xOx

  12. Have a great weekend girl friend! Best to Steve.

  13. Thankyou all so much for stopping by. May you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Dianne :)

  14. Hello Dianne, finally some time to visit familiar faces and places. So enjoy the H.W. Beecher quotation about flowers because I have a lifelong amazement with flowers. They appear so fragile but survive such extremes of temperature and geography. I enjoy flowers. Great to see your blog relocation blossoms. Love the Canada geese update. Birds are amazing too. They can float in nothingness. How cool is that. Take care, big smiles. Sending Happy Thoughts for a Happy Planet.

  15. It is wonderful to hear from you, Happy. Thankyou for stopping by and leaving your comments. I was down at the Bay the other day and it is fun to listen and see the Canada Geese practicing in flight and formation. It won't be long and they will say farewell for a Season. I personally will miss them , as others will be glad to see them gone.
    Well I am going to head on over to see you in a bit. Hope you have a wonderful Week ahead.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  16. Amazing how just sometimes that one time shot turns out so beautiful and it certainly did this time. I finally heard some Canada geese over head the other day. Yes it signals the change coming. Hope you have a wonderful week as well. Hugs Carrie


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