Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Few Snap Shots Of My Son and Daughter In-laws Wedding


As some of you know my son Ed and Daughter In-law Samantha were married on June 26th/2010. Here are a few snapshots I took with my little Fuji Camera. I was not the photographer and left my 50D at home. It just wouldn’t fit in my little handbag , and I wasn’t about to wear a back pack. :)

I did do a video of the whole ceremony and so I don’t have still photos of the ceremony itself . I left that up to the professional photographer who did a wonderful job. I just wanted to be mom and soak it all in and enjoy the day, which I did to the fullest. It was a very Special Day and one to remember. My youngest son married the love of his life and she too is very special and now is my daughter. I have too daughters now. The other one is married to my other son. Between my husband and I , we have 4 boys. I have gained 2 wonderful young women as daughters who I love as my own. :) Who knows in the next few years I may have a couple more.

I did my best to stay out of the photographers way, and here are just a few of my snapshots that I took.


DSCF5519 Ed & My Mom

My Mom and My Son Ed Before Boarding The Cruise Boat



DSCF5499 Jenna & Ed

My Granddaughter  With Uncle Ed Before The Wedding Ceremony



DSCF5529 The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party.

This photo was taken after the Wedding Ceremony and we had all got off the boat . The professional Photographer was busy taking pictures and I was off to the side , being careful as not to get in his way. He was a wonderful photographer who clearly was enjoying what he was doing.



DSCF5542 Daughter - Inlaws, Sons & Grandaughters

Here is a picture of my two sons and daughter In-laws, and my three granddaughter’s.

I am truly blessed, and so proud of my family although I seldom show them off on my blog.

Today is an exception to the rule.



DSCF5585 The Photographer Made Us Do It

The Photographer Made Us Do It :)

From left to right is little old me, Ed, Samantha, and her mom.

We had a lot of fun, laughter and happy tears that day.



DSCF5563 copy

My son was very attentive to his new bride.



DSCF5568 We Did It  

That says it all !



DSCF5594 The Look Of Love



DSCF5594 Ed & Samantha

This is one of my favourite photos.



DSCF5597 Just before leaving on the cruise

This is the cruise boat or should I say , “The Love Boat”

The wedding ceremony was on the boat, then outside pictures in the park, then it was time to get back on the boat for a cruise around the lake, dinner and dancing. Oops I had better hurry. They are calling me and the boat is getting ready to leave.

One last thing. It poured rain as we were leaving for Port Perry for the wedding. I scooted in our van with umbrella in hand. I managed to stay dry, and kept praying on our 2 hr. drive to get there. We drove out of the rain and it was a sun and cloud day with just a prinkle of a shower while we were on the boat and no one cared because we were safe and dry from the elements. When the evening was over and we got off the boat , it was beautiful and dry. God answered our prayers and I want to thank all of you who prayed for us that day. God Bless You.  Hope you enjoyed just a glimpse of a perfect day.

Hugs and Smiles

Dianne  (dsphotocats)


  1. Hello Dianne, thank you for looking me up at my new home. So nice to see you here as well. Just about all my regular friends are here now. As I commented on your post as spaces it looks like you had a lovely time. I know so well about leaving the camera and just enjoying the time instead.. Hugs Carrie

  2. YEA! And I get to see the beautiful photos again. (your son is HANDSOME!) I'm an older lady so I get to say those things. :-)

  3. Carrie your so welcome. It was and is my pleasure to follow your beautiful blog and be your friend.
    Thank you Carole. Your compliment of my son is well taken and I am an older lady , plus his mother and I agree. I am blessed with 4 very handsome sons and at times I have had to beat the gals off with a big stick. Ha! Just kidding.
    Thanks for coming by for a visit. I just got back from riding my bike on the trail. It is hot and humid, but I loved it. I feel good! :)

  4. I am so glad I found you. The pictures are great. Your son and daughter in law make a lovely couple.

  5. Thankyou Beth and I am making one more stop before I call it a night. And guess to whom. :)

  6. Very nice pictures. It looks like that camera works very well!

  7. I love your Point of View here. Nice to see these all again.. Beautiful Dianne.
    Have a nice Saturday and Peaceful Sunday


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