Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Little Cygnets Are Growing



IMG_0634 Meet The Family

The first showing of the proud parents and their 8 cygnets was on May 20th/2010

A lot has happened since then as some of you have read and witnessed through my blog.



IMG_4174 Swans in Posing

This photo was taken on June 2/2010

There are 4 surviving cygnets plus their parents.



IMG_4249_4 remaining cygnets out of 8 





IMG_4601 Cygnets are growing

This photo was taken on July 1st/2010

You can see how much they have grown.

They still have their nest and although they are too big for it they still call it home.

They get up early to feed and come back to the nesting place for an afternoon nap…

Then they go back out and come back again around 5 p.m and then back out into the deeper water until around 9 p.m when they settle for the night.

I try and go see them at least once a week and hope they stick around as I would love to see them learn how to fly.

That is it for now. I hope you have enjoyed the journey of the swans and I.



Remember… If you look around you , you will catch a glimpse of His Beauty in the things He has created.

Hugs and Smiles

Dianne (dsphotocats)



  1. this photo sequence would make a nice book for little ones

    coloring sharing an memories

  2. Had a bit of a gulp at '4 remaining'. They are such a family and what parenting struggles they have. The second photo (Mom with her wings up) is just amazing. Also did not know they had such a routine, must be some internal clock to work to a schedule you can ID by the hour. That is very cool. God Bless. Big Smiles

  3. Thanks John ... I will keep that in mind. :)

    I know what you mean Happy. It has been hard for me to watch them dwindle to 4. I went down to the Bay to see them one day after working, and their almost ended up being three. One of the cygnets got caught by something. I am thinking it was a snapping turtle , and it was crying and trying to get free. Both the Pen and Cob were sticking their heads under the water and trying to help it get freed. They actually looked at each other not knowing what else to do and made these sounds of desperation. They tried to shimmy and stir up mud from the bottom but had to be careful not to hurt the baby swan. This went on for about a half hour and they were able to get it over to a rock cut and finally free, and to make a long story short, it survived and is one of the four. I was so happy to see a happy ending. :)
    After following the swans for the past 3 and a half months I have learned so much and usually know where to go to find them at different times of the day. I am really, really hoping to be able to witness them learning to fly.
    God Bless You to Happy and John. :)

  4. Hi Dianne, Very cool, your blogs posted here at blogspot are showing up on my updates at Windows Live Spaces. So here I am : ) big smiles from me.

    I have loved every bit of the journey with you, as you photo-journal the life of Pen and Cob and their babies. I love the most recent photo (July, 1st) seeing how much they have grown. Bless you always. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  5. You have done such a wonderful adventure with photos so we can follow along. The info to educate us and the photos are just breath taking my friend. I am excited for you and I hope you do witness them learning to fly. I just want to thank you for sharing your adventures.

  6. Hi my friend..what an amazing story and photos.. John is right it would be a nice story also for little ones.. you have been blessed with a great talent. And an amazing heart.. Amazing Grace too you.. dear friend... sherrilynn

  7. I love the photos you have taken. The beauty of them makes me feel good inside.

  8. I am so sorry about the other babies. I had no idea they were gone. That the one was almost not saved by the parents is heart stopping. The struggle must have been heart rending to see but the outcome was good.

    Lovely pictures Dianne. No one has presented better.

  9. hi dianne, a truly fascinating and lovely story, enjoyed being on this journey with you. awesome, look forward to more, take care and be blessed, hugs nita.

  10. They really have grown, Dianne!

  11. This whole series that you took so much time to capture and study is so very amaizng Dianne. I have loved you progress with these wonderful Birds. Outstanding Dianne. Just Outstanding.

  12. Thankyou all for coming along on this amazing journey of the swans and geese.
    Hubby and I went biking on the waterfront trail this evening and I saw the swans resting on their rock island. Yes Chip, they are really growing.They are almost half the size of the COB and Pen.
    Well it is late and I am falling asleep on my keyboard. I need to get some shut eye as I will be up at 6 oclock to get ready for work.
    Hope you all have a great weekend.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  13. Swans are so amazing and graceful. Beautiful photos! I dont believe I have ever seen a swan in person. Seeing one would be such a treat!

  14. This whole series has just been amazing. Your photos have captured such special scenes and moments. What a journel of these two families. Hugs Carrie


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